These Are My 10 Prophetic Declarations – 7 Days Praying & Fasting (Pastor Alph Lukau)

 10 Prophetic Declarations – 7 Days Praying & Fasting (Pastor Alph Lukau)

If you know you have been part of the 7 Days Prayer and Fasting , Please Kindly note that these Prophetic Declarations are for you !!!

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– You are heavily and heavenly guarded. No weapon formed against you shall prosper..

– I speak speed in your life – acceleration- you will overtake those who went before you. The first will be the last and the last shall be the first. Receive it in Jesus name.

– God honors faith – He will honor your faith – keep trusting him even when you can’t trace him..

– This season will not finished before you see the manifestation of what you are trusting God for. (I am praying for you)

– Every time may not be your time but there is a time that is your Time. I am here to announce that your Time to testify, to rejoice and to prosper has arrived. YES I am talking to you. You will start seeing everything in your life turn around for your good. RECEIVE IT in Jesus name.

– This is me laughing at those who said you will not get this far – God has proven them wrong once again. so ARISE AND SHINE for your light has come..

– This year will not pass before you receive everything God promised to give you. I speak speed and acceleration of the manifestation of your miracles in Jesus name

– God be for you who can be against you. Before the end of this season your mockers will admire you and your enemies will envy you.


  1. Yes man of God, you can prophesy for me as God directs you. I am in need of God tough daily. Needs good health and good luck. For il reasons unable to achieve a goal thus far, like own a home, new vehicle and travel. God bless!

  2. May God locates me through you. May God helps me with all the provisions I need to buy the house I need, may the process I have already began to be smooth & speeded with all the right things in the right place, also my visa, favor all around in Jesus name.

  3. Amen,I receive it miracle money in my life with faith,wisdom,healed and blessing into my bank account right now today,Monday,I trust it ,I believe it in Jesus mighty name ,Amen

  4. Papa I am exhausted from sickness and poverty
    Whatever goal I set fails Doctors can’t find out exactly what my sickness is!! Today I am so sick my Papa you’re my only and last hope
    Please touch me as you pray for people there in SA
    I am tired of being broke and sick I ask this in Lord’s name Amen P.S from Canada

  5. Thank you Jesus thank you prophet ,i recived todays prophecy in Jesus name,Oh Lord i put my trust in you,Thank you Lord for the unlocked which have open for me ,I recieved what is mine is mine in Jesus mighty name Amen

  6. Jesus Allow Me To Receive 18th Prophecy Of The Month Through Pastor Alph Lukau. My Request Is On Instant Miracle Money In the Mighty Name Of Jesus

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