10 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About “Pastor Alph Lukau”

Angels are blowing trumpets 🎺 of victory for you. Your coming success is about to embarrass your enemies and turn your mockers to your admirers – “Pastor Alph Lukau”

 10 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About “Pastor Alph Lukau”

1. Pastor Alph Lukau is a South African pastor who founded Alleluia Ministries International in 2002.


2. The man of God is reported to be able to heal any kind of illness brought before him. In fact, the man of God himself claimed that he could raise the dead.

3. According to Alleluia Ministries’ website, Pastor Lukau is also a Bible scholar, coach, mentor, and spiritual father to many followers.

4. The church has grown significantly since then and now boasts hundreds of thousands of members across many branches in several countries like South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Europe and even in South America.

5. In addition, he is an entrepreneur. His wife, Celeste Lukau, serves with him in his Johannesburg-based church. The couple reportedly donate to charity regularly.

6. Pastor Alph Lukau recently shared a controversial photo of himself disembarking from his private jet. Also, apart from his Rolls-Royce, he also has a Range Rover and a top-of-the-range motorcycle.

7. Pastor Lukau’s never fails to dazzle his congregation with his expensive rides and once in a while, he makes a grand entrance to his church, complete with a convoy.

8. The man of God always takes time to travel in style with various expensive rides like this sparkling Bentley owned by him. Even more, he always flaunts off himself as he travels around the world. His attires and poise carry such glamour that it is easy enough for him to make a prayer point out of it.

9. South African pastor and general overseer of Alleluia Ministries International, Alph Lukau, is said to be the richest pastor in the world, with an estimated net worth of $1billion.

10. Alleluia Ministries International has TENS OF THOUSANDS of members in Africa, Europe, and South America.


    • I just love this man of God, he’s genuine man of God. how can I come to Johannesburg to see personally,his address and when he is around. I’m in USA

  1. For the first time in my life seeing a humble pastor like him.sticking in his calling not running for tittle name.whereas anointed like these.i love this man.i hope he can father me.

  2. I saw the man of God and follow him on Soweto TV every second Sunday of the month. God is using our prophet and I dare God when me and my children will enter his church one day. Glory Halleluja.

  3. Is very sad that some people using the pictures and name of the prophet to Open fake accounts demanding donations and seed sowing It happiness to me twice Prophet pray for those doing that to have their life miserable. Prophet I would like to have your direct number Pray for me

  4. I am very blessed to see the way God is using him for HIS glory. I watch his videos everyday. I see all his messages & prayers too. God bless you. Me tooa member of alleluia ministry.

  5. Pastor Alph Lukau, You are my spiritual fathet, I declare. I will follow you forever. My prayer is to grow big in my Longrich business, get my financial freedom, move from Rustenburg where I’m currently staying, come to stay closer to AMI in Gauteng, Sandton to be exact. I will work hard, and I receive my financial breakthrough now in Jesus name. Amen.

  6. Amen papa I receive things are coming harder and harder for me my enemy are multiply for no reason but as a child of God I dont fear any evil aim about to be blessed that why is happening this way this way papa I believe in God please pray for to be strong to over come this temptation Amen

  7. Continue blessed papa.you are worthy to be like that no doubt. You dedication to God lifted you up.in Jesus name

  8. Iam so so impress by my father in heaven how is indeed doing good to my spiritual father alph lukau, iam more happy for my Dad.. Dad you are worthy to be bless more and more. Stay happy papa alph lukau and continue praying for your children as we are crying, pain, broken heart, despointment, tear and sorrow because of this world we need you papa. And we love you.

    • Amen.iam very much honor and humble to hear from Dad. Thank you very much for senting me a message that papa he is happy for me iam very much humble Dad.I know Dad is praying for me and iam looking forward to get my answer from God for my papa Alph lukau. We love you papa.

  9. Papa help me to understand God work, do we need to sacrifice something when we need prayer, iam so confuse for life help me papa. God know that iam trying hard to be a person or to come out in difficult situation iam and if I ask prayer I must sacrifice money or something big which I don’t have anything.why this life anywhere iam very much hurt papa maybe advice me.

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