Friday Prophecy 13 November 2020 – Pastor Alph Lukau

Friday Prophecy 13 November 2020 – Pastor Alph Lukau

Release control. Quit worrying, quit losing sleep, quit trying to make it happen your way and say, “God, I trust You. I know You’re in control of these winds. They can blow me forward, backward, left, right, but one thing I’m certain of: where You take me is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”


God doesn’t always take us down a straight path. There will be detours, delays, curves, times when you feel like you’re going the wrong way. “God, I’m believing to go this direction for promotion, healing, freedom, but I’m going the other direction. I’m in a pandemic; I’m seeing just the opposite.” Don’t get set on the method.

The way you think it’s going to happen may not be the way God’s going to do it. What you can’t see is, on that path that’s going the wrong way, there’s another turn. It leads to a short cut that will catapult you ahead.


  1. Amen,that is all it takes to receive from our God,just “trust and obey”.Our God is too big to fail us,He Has trrilon much to failto give all we asked from him.And He is always at his best when men are at their worst.Hallelujah!Glory be unto him alone.

    • Thank you JESUS Thank you Papa ,I recieve this prophecy in Jesus Mighty name, Thank you Papa for your prayer on knees,Glory be to JESUS halleluia Amen

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