14th Prophetic Declarations (Sept 14th 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau (DON’T IGNORE !!!)

Too often we discount ourselves thinking we don’t have much to offer. We look at what we don’t have and what we can’t do. Your gift may seem small, but if you’ll start using it, it will grow. It’s like an acorn. You could look at it and think, “Big deal.

All I have is this little gift. God, You created the universe and this is all You’ve given me?” What you can’t see is there is incredible potential in that small gift. In that little acorn is a huge oak tree, branches spreading out fifty feet wide.


Don’t discount your gift because it seems small.

Stop telling yourself how hard life is and start declaring, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. I’m strong in the Lord.” You’ve got to stir up His anointing, that’s what keeps you moving forward. Don’t compare your weaknesses to someone else’s strengths. The only way to break the chains of fear and doubt is to know in your heart that God loves you no matter what. God’s anointing is only activated where there’s faith. Instead of thinking about how it’s not going to work out and how you’re not going to accomplish your dreams, turn that off and start declaring, “I am anointed, I am equipped, I am empowered.” That’s when you’ll see breakthroughs.