PART 2 : MIRACLE MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT – Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau (JANUARY 23rd 2019)

PART 2 : MIRACLE MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT – Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau (JANUARY 23rd 2019)

MIRACLE MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT – Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau (JANUARY 22nd 2019)



Whoever wins a soul is wise. You are “saved to serve!” Irrespective of your rank in society, serve God while you can still breathe.
Many people have died but the question is, why are you still here? The answer is so that you may touch another life.

God is looking for men and women whose minds will be on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sold out for the kingdom! Will you win souls in 2019?

Prayer For Money

A new day has set forth amidst this ethereal horizon.

With gratitude we watch the wonder of the sight of the sun rising up in the east. With fervor we pray that those golden rays would reach all people here on earth.

No one can surpass your generosity and concern for us, Dear Lord. We know that without them, we can’t even lift a finger. Without your permission, we can’t obtain the benefits of money.

So, we’ll strive hard to work for our own keep. We know that the greater the effort we exert in earning our money, the greater will be the reward.

We’re willing to serve you, while working hard. We’re certain that with our persistence and your blessings, abundance would be manifested from our endeavor.

Bestow your guiding hand that whatever financial gains we reap, we’ll not forget that they all come from you.

Our wealth will serve as a tool to stay righteous and to help those in need.

May our prayers merit your blessings.


Sometimes the favor of God comes disguised as a cutback. It takes maturity to distinguish between the enemy trying to stop you and the gardener at work. Too often we’re discouraged over what God has ordained. But there are times God will take you backward before He thrusts you forward. The cutback is a test.


    • Please pray for me and my husband…we are trying to secure a land and to build a house but we do not have the money…please pray for us we need a financial breakthrough…

  1. Please pray for me to get permanent job i have been applying every now and then no luck for me please i need deliverance and financial breakthrough and heal my mum she’s admitted in hospital please pray for me i really need a job to help my mum and my kids

  2. Amen & Amen I receive it papa in Jesus mighty name I am on that setback but I know the Lord will make a way for me please pray for me I’ve applied in Traffic department to be a Traffic cop thank u daddy.

  3. Thank you papa, bit untill now lhavent received any money.l just need Mony to come to AMIl have faith l will be around AMI one Amen

  4. Amen i receive in Jesus Name im prepare to serve God in every money i get halleluya because his the one to give and i have what i have now in his powers gloryyyyyyyyy.

  5. Jesus release all my money whatever is left in this company since 11 month got over i am not receiving my salary properly. Jesus let my past not effect this year. In Jesus name i pray
    Amen and amen

  6. Good morning my spiritual father I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ so shall it be it cannot be otherwise amen.

  7. Lord do it your ways in me, surely give me the victory over my enemies not only that may I be your extended hands to extend to impact others lives around me.

  8. Amen. I receive my financial breakthrough and miracle money into my bank account. Man of God pray for me to get a job. This is my second year without a job.

  9. I receive in the name of Jesus.

    Papa my cousin brother ( Lenard Maemae )is very sick and now has only few days to live. Please heal him and give him a 2nd chance.

  10. I receive man of God. Please pray for me to get in my dream Job and to be permanent in Jesus name,financial break through, my family, and give me the strength to walk with God. in the name of Jesus. Please papa pray for me I’m sending this all the way from Papua New Guinea!

  11. Oh lord I speak more grace upon the man of God,i speak open heavens in my life,I speak overflow that people wil say this is the lords doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.In the name of jesus’Amen!!!!!



  13. Hallelujah,,,papa thanj you for the word,,,pls pray for me,,,I wanna get job,,,I wanna serve God with my finances resources,,pray for me daddy

  14. Papa please can you pray for all of my debts to be cancelled I’m now almost to be blacklisted if I’m not already i only need to be considered in my opharing and thythes so I can serve in the house of the Lord and also pray for everything that has been stolen from me to be brought back to me in the name of Jesus Amen

  15. Thank be to God, me and family receive it and Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen for in Jesus Mighty Name, thank you man of God

  16. Hello great vessel of God thank you for the encouragement through the prayers. I would like to be remembered in prayers because I have been trying to make money for a while now through business but all my efforts are left hanging I don’t what to do. I trust in the lord to change my story. Amen

  17. Thank you daddy, I see God taking me to another level and God has been taking things of my life that will hinder me, I have learned so much from connecting with you. God bless and keep you

  18. Papa as i am your daughter distand is not a barrier will you please Daddy pray for my eyes becos i have operationof my retina detachment my eritana is so thin and i have short sighted.i need complet healing.i have come to attent ivp on 28th december in ami i have connected and ibelived God will do through you there AMI.

  19. I receive my guidance spiritual from you papa I can’t wait .I believe that one day it will come to pass.

  20. Please men of God I need breakthrough in my life and my family please prophet of God help me I want better life for me and my family help me sort out financially struggle I believe God has heard my cry for so long now I real need help.

  21. Please pray for me that I shall receive the miracle money in my bank account that I will be able start something with it for my life has always been struggle…I receive the miracle money in Jesus name, amen.

  22. Can I receive miracle money into my bank account today…I need to help my son for his school fees, buy him laptops and school trips..

  23. Please I need urgent reply as I am so desperate to have a miracle money by Thursday 7thFeb if possible. Thank you Pastor Alph Lukau, I have been watching you on youtube, and I am so amazed what God is doing thru you. I need you to pray for me too and my husband and son. I believe you will know me thru the Spirit of God. Hope to hear from you soon via email. Yours Kindly.

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