JOB , PROMOTION and MARRIAGE Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau – JANUARY 25TH 2019

JOB , PROMOTION and MARRIAGE Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau – JANUARY 25TH 2019

After Today’s Prophecy There will Be Testimonies of New Jobs , Promotions and Blessed Marriages … I Can see you giving your testimony in style .. Jesus is Ready to Help you – My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau

-Let be way for job opportunity without connection only by favor of God
-Let Be way for marriage
-Let Be way for Financial .



When you tell someone, “I’m proud of you. You did a great job on that project.” You’re not just being kind; those are healing words. We don’t know what people are going through.

They may smile on the outside, but on the inside, they’re hurting, they’re lonely, they’re insecure.

Many people have wounds from the past, wounds from people putting them down, wounds from a relationship that didn’t work out.

Just a simple word of encouragement, “I’m praying for you.” A simple compliment, “You look great today.” It’s no big deal to you, but to them, it’s helping heal the wound, it’s lifting their spirits, it’s causing them to believe in themselves.

Your words can be what keeps them moving forward.

God Will Bless You Soon


    • I am in dire need of a house to call home. The ones I getting are very e
      xpensive to rent. Also the man I love is hardly talking to me now. I need him to connect with me more

  1. Amen I receive in Jesus mighty name, I believe that God will never fail me ,He will make a way for me through my finances,as He was with people of Israel from Egypt to the promise Land .

  2. Lord God provide me with promotion, healing and deliverance, salary increase, restoration, spiritual elevation and marital elevation, protection from evil forces. financial prosperity.
    God bless you.

  3. I receive my job and my happy marriage in Jesus Christ’s name. I am also ready to compliment others in what they do to improve themselves.

  4. I’m trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ for everything: marriage, finance, divine connection, job, unmerited favor, education, good health, spiritual security, unquenchable blessings, and unstoppable passion to serve the Lord.

    Please pray for me Pastor Alpha!!!

  5. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my able spiritual father, OO my God is good, indeed I need my miracle promotion, finance and marriage, I receive it by faith and connect my faith with my spiritual father, I have cry for long with a lot of disappointment, but I trust my God that this prophecy is my prophecy I receive all this miracle in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooo, thank you daddy I love you

  6. Amen and amen.pray for me man of God,am sick for almost a week now.I have diarrhoea and I don’t know the believing in God for healing to day.

  7. Please Jesus help me with money my parents don’t as well as my sister and i life job I was having an same time lost my left eye And I am facing lots of problem like in need money to atleast start my business An pay my bill an also health so we all must protected from Any diseases amen.

  8. Good morning my spiritual father. Amen I receive the prophecy words by faith you have said it pastor in Jesus name have been waiting for them so shall it be it cannot be otherwise amen and amen. God bless

  9. PLZ pray for me financial breakthrough and get a new job and get married this year big house and my son to get a job his name is Khulekani

  10. Prayer request from Amuge Christine pastor pray for my family we always do struggle alot in life pray that my name should be short listed in UN WFP Uganda moroto office, good health above believing that my daughter Cynthia Father okoli may pay her full school that she should score 4agg in her PLE, my brother olupot should receive salvation plus my sister Aigi Beatrice am always blessed with you preaching on you tube.May God bless you pastor.

  11. Amen. I receive my job as country director community social Humanitarian Project Uganda chapter. And my marriage with my fiance Atim Stella.

  12. Man of God ,just got my breakthrough, i recieved a phone call that i got a job i went for interview yesterday. God is good, thank you for your prayers. God wil never leave his people. Thank you man of God

  13. I Need Good Jobs 4 Me And My Fiance’ Anthony Katebe By Next Month Feb,open International Doors ,Finacial Breakthrough & A Good/blessed Marriage/wedding This Year In Dec

  14. Hallelujah,,,I receive this word in Jesus Mighty Name,,,this is wow!!! Infact its very true many ppl smile from outside but inside they are bleeding,,,Lord have mercy,,,,,we are getting those jobs by fire by force,,,that financial breakthrough by fire by thunder,,,,our marriages are healed,,,we are getting married in the Name of Jesus Christ,,,papa thank you once again for always be there for us,,for praying for us,,,God will surely bless you,,He is coming to reward you in Jesus Name,,,Ameeen!!!!

  15. I want my marriage with Michael to materialise even my promotion waiting for my backdates from 2007 wow what a large sum of money

  16. I receive those words in Jesus name, please pray for my family that God may mend us back together again, in love and unity. God bless you Pastor Alph Lukau

  17. I claim a new job,marriage, happiness and finances. I want God to intervene for my siblings too and my dad. Need a breakthrough in Jesus name

  18. pastor pray for my marriage let my husband see me alone as the love of his life, destroy any extra marital relationship he is in,and may he find a job,thank you.

  19. Father this what I really need besides healing jobs and taking me to higher level. For my entire family to raise our standards

  20. As bread winner of my family I need miraculous to enable me help everyone. Traveling to where opportunities are to gather finance. Lord give me the wisdom.

  21. My son is my next helper. Lord give him a miracolous success in the coming exams and he needs your favour at the council of selection. As for the hiring team to favour for a job.

  22. Lord grant my son and big daughter to have journey mercy to and fro. May her have a fast recovery as she comes to Sudan. May opportunities be open to her after this. So that she can make her own money.

  23. Lord give us a miracle that will enable us buy a new house with the money we have sold the old one we need your help. To make a better decision on a good location. And many other features which you our father knows better.

  24. Amen. Indeed it’s well with my soul because i serve a living God and He will surely make a way for me. 2019 is my year to make it in life, a promotion, a new house, financial breakthrough and all happiness, peace and joy around me. I claim the prophecy by Pastor Alph Lukau.

  25. Man of God I
    I need financial breakthrough.i want to stop borrowing money to feed my family,and want to pay every debut I have

  26. Pastor pray for marriage of my daughter and her husband. Many complaints please pastor pray so that the situation become better. Good wife for my and good husbands for my 2 young daughters. Contracts for my son in law to carry on his daily expenses.

  27. Please pray for me for;
    *A financial breakthrough in order to support my family.
    *Healthy relationship and marriage.
    *A spiritual growth in Christ.
    *Job opportunities
    *Open doors to the Western world.
    I claim all these in Jesus name. Amen

  28. Man of God pray for me to get a promotion that I have been applying for but I don’t receive any response. Pray for my family and my relationship I know though Jesus Christ you can make it happen…..

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