2020 Prayer Request … The Door Of Breakthrough

2020 Prayer Request
2020 Prayer Request

2020 Prayer Request … The Door Of Breakthrough

This is your year of open doors ..

Many unanswered prayers will be answered this year …. there will be miracles , there will be healing … is your time to smile and shine …


You don’t need to be too religious …. because your doors must open by fire ….. many people will be amazed , but always tell them … that it is your time to shine …

2020 Prayer Request
2020 Prayer Request



God will do wonders in a Minute   … DON’T IGNORE !!!


  1. Prayer that I test negative for all diseases. Prayer that God keep me and R. Brewington together and that something great come out of our relationship and that it will lead to marriage. Prayer for my finances and that God do a quick transformation with my beauty. And prayer for my daughter Monica that God keep her safe. All these blessings I ask in Jesus name Amen…

  2. Please help me to save my relationship am losing my husband because I tried to explain my lyf to him please pastor am in abondange that I wish to get out of it have tried for 3 years now but I find my self on the same trap help me am ready to do anything to have dignity and secure my relationship this are not working between us …in my husbands education in finance in everything plz help pastor lukau please I beg in the name of the living God please

    • Please sir, it’s really hard for any first daughter in my family to get married and now it’s affecting me.please pray for my father to get a good job and for the growth of my mom’s school.

  3. i kirwa from Kenya do wish to request a break through prayer from the man of God on finances and the restoration of success for the entire family at large, we are all Christians an we declare god as our main savior.i have struggle a lot and i believe your prayer will make a change in me in Jesus name.

  4. Financial breakthrough,my daughter and son to excell in their school work and my husband told serve God in the house of God Amen

  5. I connect to your prophecy and i believe is my last bus stop no matter how long it takes.

    Prayer request

    I want God to bless my brother and his wife with children.

    I need restoration in my spirit life.

    Also am now academically down I want God restoration.

    Also want God to bless my boyfriend give him a good Job coz for years now he has been jobless and homeless and I love him.

    Lastly we need God blessings in my family and my siblings businesses.

  6. Papa alph lukau love so much from Nigeria

    And i believe your ministry
    Hope that God in his infinite mercy will remember one day.
    Please incase of any message for me coz am not too sure of my email but this line will always be available to reach me faster. +2340917521316.
    I love you papa from Nigeria

  7. I need healing breakthrough and deliverance in my life,i want God to send me a good husband this year,I’m single for almost 11year. I want to lead a very good good life en no more poverty in my life,pray for divine healing upon my im on medication,im living with a disease,pray for a totally change in my life i believe this year is my year for God to locate me

  8. Yes man of God, in mighty name of Jesus Christ i believe and want my life to change forever, in financial Breakthrough, relationship, and cancellations of debt and bills that i have, and I want JOB in Mining company or in government

  9. lord pls unblock my life, free me ,from all evil blocking my life, curses, withcraft, badluck, withcraft, delays, set back, rejections, help me my man to love me true &marry a blessed marriage,life, help me faith pls clean me, heal me, help me a good job in jesus name I pray amen

  10. pls man of God pray for me my family.i need breakthrough on our finance,farm business needs.my husbandjob.and God’s calling in our lives.thankyou.

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