2020 Prayer Request … The Door Of Breakthrough

2020 Prayer Request
2020 Prayer Request

2020 Prayer Request … The Door Of Breakthrough

This is your year of open doors ..

Many unanswered prayers will be answered this year …. there will be miracles , there will be healing … is your time to smile and shine …


You don’t need to be too religious …. because your doors must open by fire ….. many people will be amazed , but always tell them … that it is your time to shine …

2020 Prayer Request
2020 Prayer Request



God will do wonders in a Minute   … DON’T IGNORE !!!


  1. Thankyou Jesus…for what only you can do in our family… thankyou for breakthrough, healing,open doors……thankyou for everything God…

    • I connect to this prophecy and I claim this word of promise that my breakthrough will be a greater and impact the whole worlds that will shake the heaven and earth of how God BLESS ME and my family as I m a convent daughter of Daddy ALPH LUKAU. I WILL NOT BE EMPTY HANDED THIS WEEK IN JESUS NAME

  2. My prayer request is for God to heal my body from all these pain so I can shine even more brighter also for my accident compoundsation in Jesus name. Thank you and gave a great day AMI blessing always to u Pastor Alph lukau.

  3. Man of God, I am still seeking Almighty to heal and provide financial blessing for me. I have long been planning for almost three years to visit AMI, but, the opportunity as yet to come my way. Please pray for me daily. Amen.

  4. Answered prayers from all mighty one, favor blowing mind restoration, getting my document speedily, effective fellowship relationships with my children, may the Lord wipes away spirit of division of satan to be put into shame,empowerment from the Lord to get what matters done speedily & on time in Jesus name, breakthrough. Bless you Man of God.

  5. God day man of God.my prayer requests are financial breakthrough,may God connect me with right man in my life.Stagnation& geralational curses

  6. My prayer request is for me to tap into my inter strength and wait patiently on the Lord. I believe God in all things and I know He’s a promise keeper. I request pray for a continual heart of selflessness and generosity in Jesus Mighty name. I pray that my health spring forth as the Sun, and He will reward me in according to me faithfulness in serving Him. Thank You Lord for Your grace that is on my life. Forever will I give You all the Glory Honor and am the Praise on Jesus Name, Amen

  7. Thank you JESUS thank you PAPA,I recieve i believe Todays prophecy in JESUS name ,LORD i will wait only unto you ,LORD have mercy on me bless me oh Lord for finiancial breakthrough in JESUS name i pray Amen

  8. To God to send me a good husband who is a citizen and will locate me, I am living in the USA and looking for my green card, and having trouble finding a good person.

  9. Mes enfants et moi avons besoin de restauration.
    Que ma fille Tracey revienne à la maison!

    Merci Pasteur dans le nom précieux de notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ.

  10. Prayer Request
    May the good Lord open up doors of prosperity in my life,maritally,financially,spirititually and physically.
    I have a bad record of debts that hinders me to prosper because i like serving in the house of God. This alone leaves a room to the devil to haunt my spiritual life.
    My intnt is to build the Kingdom of God and to bring light to the unsaved.
    Praise God

  11. Please pray for my husband, he has a hip problem, he hasn’t been well for 4yrs and all his hip to his feet are in pain. Secondly, I need financial support for my son at school, and to pay my Debts which is so much to pay and all my bills and it will be great if you can help pray for our need. I believe that you will help me plse man of God. Thanks so much.

  12. Jeovah is his name!!!my prayer request is below:
    I have siblings & family members who are in need of healing they are really sick
    Bless my children with wisdom, faith and respect
    My job to be promote officially
    My marriage life to be fountain to Jesus Christ
    My siblings and parents and their children to be loved each other
    Above all is my family to be renew their relationship with Jesus Christ.


  13. May almighty god take me out of the situation of debt, am in a lot of debt pls lord give me a way how to get Manet and pay back. Can I not be a winner one day of a certain amount of money, can I not receive miracle money. Amen

  14. Pray for my brother please. The immigration wants him to go home but the wife n his kids is here. But I BELIEVE God never separates a marriage. Please pray for me also I need DEPTS cancellation. Bless you Pastor

  15. Please pray that all my family members, immediate and extended, my friends and loved ones will be saved from the corona virus in Jesus mighty name. I am also praying for improvements in my spousal relationship, increase in my finances and good health for my family and friends. I also need a car.

  16. Please pray for me as I need financial breakthrough so that to enable me to clear my Personal loan amounting to Rs 1000000 INR. Nothing is impossible to God.I need a miracle money for Rs 1000000. Pray for salvation for my father, sister, and 3 brothers and their families. Glory to Jesus Amen.

  17. Pastor Alph Lukau..
    Thank you for giving me a time to share my need..Pray for me and My Family to be prosperous, doors of blessing be open to us and Our Nation Vanuatu.. God’s protection over Us.. Amen❤

  18. Prophet, Thank you for the clarifications you give me and your encouragement. Now that I have submitted our prayer intentions to you: healing, breakthrough, travel, etc … the most important thing is healing to be in good health. However, you gave me 10 from this Tuesday 10/03/2020, we remain in prayer.

  19. My Prayer request: Man Of GOD, please pray for us here in Papua New Guinea..
    My Prayer Request List:
    1. Deep intimacy with Holy Spirit
    2. Operating in the 9Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    3. To a Prophet
    4. Spiritual Discernment
    5. Family Salvation (Yailus Family and Jack Family)
    6. Family Generational Curses to be cut off
    7. Financial break through
    8. Launching of “Life Is In The Blood Ministry”
    9. GOD’s plan for my life and Calling

  20. I great you in the mighty name of Jesus christ our lord daddy I’m going through a lot and I don’t think I can take it anymore I have no job no money and my marriage is destroyed along the way I was told that I must be a sangoma (traditional healer) but I don’t want to be part of it cos I’ve seen God doing mighty things and I know how great is God so man of God please deliver me from this spirit which is following me I came to your church 12 times and I believe you and your God for my deliverance may God bless you more and more. I love you man of God and I hope this reaches you directly my contacts 0820532748

  21. Halleluuuuuuuuujah!!!, Glory be to God ,our long lost brother Joshua Agudey been found alive.
    I will always continue to be faithful in the of eyes 👀 of
    Our Mighty father he never sleeps , he always searching and guarding for his
    Praises be to God . God has wipe away our tears from losing our mother last year December 2019.

  22. Dear my spiritual father pastor Alph, greetings to YOU and AMI family in Jesus Mighty Name. Pastor my family is facing problems especially in the area of jobs. my sons Samarth Solomon and Sarthak Solomon are 29 years, but still facing problems to get good jobs in home town Indore Madhya Pradesh, kindly pray for their jobs. financially we are stagnated having loans, kindly pray for a financial breakthrough to repay loans. husband is suffering from high blood pressure and high blood sugar and severe pain in hand kindly for his healing. I have resigned and FROM 1/ 5/2020 I am going to join other institutes, kindly pray for my job in Index nursing college and Amaltash nursing college so that I can work with the power of the holy ghost under the mighty hands of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am also having blockage to do the spiritual work in the church, kindly pray to God to open doors for spiritual blessings and blessings in our day to day life, especially financial blessings and settlement of sons in good jobs and marriage of Sarthak Solomon with a believer life partner. Thank you, pastor. Your Daughter in Christ Mrs. Smriti Grace Solomon

  23. To God be thy glroy, I greet my spiritual father, me and family receive and connect the door of breakthough in Jesus Mighty Name Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  24. I love my spiritual father pastor ALPH and AMI family. I personally wants to meet pastor Alph, please pray to God to open ways and doors to meet you all soon.
    Your Daughter in Christ Mrs. Smriti Grace Solomon

  25. I have already submitted five applications at two Ministries, I need promotion to a position of Masters degree, financial breakthrough, to win a court case that is set on the 11 May 2020, I need Teboho Mefane to pay all the expenses I incurred while fixing my car, my sisters son to have funds to his ear flap operation, my mom to be healed of arthritis and to fix my broken marriage

  26. Good day. My prayer request: 1. Spiritual upliftment, 2. Divine healing from arthritis and all joints, 3. Debt cancellation & financial freedom, 4. My children marriages to Godly spouses. Hallelujah!

  27. This is my prayer request for family unity, closer walk with GOD, protection for all family members and financial breakthrough in JESUS mighty name! Anen

  28. Please pray for financial breakthrough and healthy in my life/ healing for headache.Prayer for my kids to excel at school and be able to pay my daughter’s school fees.Amen

  29. Financial freedom money breakthroughs
    Visa passport international doors
    Marriage breakthrough

  30. I am a young man n need a young woman. Pease pray for me so that i can marry. I trust God that this will really happen in my life.
    I was blessed watching Pastor Alphs video clip. Prophesying, healing n deliverance was at another new standard n i truely believe the prophet.
    Thank you true man of God.

  31. Please, I want you to pray for me to get a job, pray for my health and to receive evrything that God has planned for me. Thank you!

  32. Daddy please pray to God for me, to open my womp to be able to get pregnant.
    Please tell father God to forgive my sins , knowing and unknowingly please pray to him .
    Please pray to Jesus to give me another chance, and to take away my my shame .
    Lord God !! forgive mine punishments it is too great to bear and open new doors.doors for me .
    Amen 🙏🏽

  33. My prayer request is to be apart of the financial blessing prophesied by my spiritual father Alph Lakau. My family relationships be restored, every promise of God is yes and amen. I pray that God give me the strength to endure hardness as a bold soldier. In Jesus Name. I am connected to AMI in the Spirit realm by God Himself. My tesimony!Thank you and God bless and keep you in Jesus Name, my father.

  34. Hi my name is Amani
    Please pray for me papa
    I need a better job and I want to visit South Africa with my children
    I want to visit your church and your ministry
    I like to watch your ministry on YouTube

  35. MY prayers r for me my son daughter my mom my brothers sisters all nephews and nieces amen to be safe from virus and the world to be safe please pray for me my son to go to uk May our doors be open same way May my old company al shuaib financial brokerage company may pay me my 19 year service to be blessed in good healt I am sick with Ben cholesterols DADDY need ur prayers Spiritual blessings on me my son daughter my mom my brothers sisters all nephews and nieces amen 🙏

  36. To God be thy glroy, thank You Jesus, I greet you my spiritual father, me and family connect and receive our breakthough, deliverance, total healing, financial breakthough and all the good things our heavenly father has for us will manifest in Jesus Mighty Name AMen AMen AMen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen AMen ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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