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2021 Prayer
2021 Prayer

Say These Prayers with me.

2021 Prayer
2021 Prayer

Dear God,
Give me the courage to begin again – to overlook the difficulties, to overcome the obstacles and to stay open to the moment as best I can. Help me be patient enough to know it takes time to start over, and wise enough to ask for help from friends and family when I need it. As I look to the future, may I reflect on the past and remember the lessons it’s taught me. And God, may I always look to you for strength and guidance.


Dear God,
On this day I ask You to grant this request?
May I know who I am and what I am, every moment of every day.
May I be a catalyst for light and love, and bring inspiration to those whose eyes I meet.
May I have the strength to stand tall in the face of conflict, and the courage to speak my voice, even when I’m scared.
May I have the humility to follow my heart, and the passion to live my soul’s desires.
May I seek to know the highest truth, and dismiss the gravitational pull of my lower self.
May I embrace and love the totality of myself? My darkness as well as my light.
May I be brave enough to hear my heart? To let it soften so that I may gracefully choose faith over fear.
Today is my day to surrender anything that stands between the sacredness of my humanity and my divinity.
May I be drenched in my Holiness and engulfed by Your love.
May all else melt away.
And so it is.


  1. Thank you JESUS ,Thank you PAPA, My PAPA, My life my Spirituial Father, I recieve it today’s prophecy I pray May I recieve all the blessing and prayers what my PAPA had prophecies,I surrender everything in Mighty Jesus name Amen

  2. Papa Alph can you pray for my friend Caroline williams who has corona she is not in hospital but is coughing very badly thankyou for your prayers and the word of God

  3. Thank you Lord of my soul,you alone is God of the heavens and the earth.You are my redeemer,thank you for using yr chosen servants to touch our lifes in a new way everyday.You are a miracle working God,and today,is my day of miracles,my expectations today shall not be cut off,in Jesus name.Amen.

  4. Thank you papa for leading us in to prayer may God
    Richly enlarge your territory.
    Thank you father God, may you never take your 💕
    Love away from me. Without you in my life l’m lost .
    Amen 🙏🏽

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