My 24th Prophetic Declarations (August 24 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

Why don’t you take the limits off of God? Quit thinking of all the reasons why you can’t accomplish your dreams. God breathed His life into you. He’s crowned you with favor. You have seeds of greatness. The prophet Joel said, “Wake up the mighty men.” I’m looking at mighty men, mighty women right now. I’m looking at Josephs and Esthers. God is going to put you in strategic positions to affect the culture. Stir your faith up, believe big, pray bold prayers, dream God-sized dreams.

If you’re going to step into the unknown, it’s going to take boldness. It’s not always going to make sense. People may not understand. They may try to talk you out of it. Your own thoughts will tell you, “You better play it safe.

This is too big a risk. What if it doesn’t work out?” The scripture says in Psalm 37:23, “The steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord.” Take that step, not knowing all the details, trusting that God knows what He’s doing. Then, each step of the way, there will be provision, there will be favor, there will be protection.


Cast that devil out of your yard (Matthew 9:32-34)
Today you will command that devil to leave your health, to leave your marriage, to leave your finances, to leave your family, to leave your business, to leave your community, to leave your children, to leave your property in the name of Jesus!

Father Your Word says You will bless the works of our hands (Deuteronomy 28:12); whatsoever Your sons and daughters are doing, whatever work they are involved in, I pray You release a financial miracle for them in the name of Jesus.


  1. Lord, I pray the release of Your Financial Miracles on Wanneh, Peter, Kofi, Amos, Faith, Chichi, and Rochelle in the name of Jesus. Amen!

  2. I receive my fincacial breakthrough
    I receive super natural health
    I receive the power of the holy ghost
    I receive my distinction in all my studies
    I receive Lord Jesus in my live as my Lord and Savior

  3. I receive it in Jesus mighty name aiming to reach to the unknown remember me in your prayers,cause that is the level my heart is yearning forin Jesus name Amen l thank God for your love for encouraging us to aim higher in God thank you man of God

    • I connect and believe God is going to destroy all the barriers to my fincial break through.I will receive my package from God’s storehouse in the nsme of Jesus

  4. Amen man of God,
    This morning I need God’s hand man of God! Please remember me in your prayers,
    I have issues with my supervisor at work please remember me Man of God.

  5. I receive this word from God today I am asking God for directions and His guidance for my life I surrender my life in His hand believing He cares for me even thou I have loss my house and I still stand in God that everything will be alright thank you Pastor Alpha Lakau it’s in Jesus

  6. Lord You know all my needs and l trust in You that my doors are opening up .my financial breakthru, will find a good partner,my sister will be Lord l receive everything that you give to me

  7. Amen….A very good evening to you Pastor Alph Lukau…I request to pray for my family, my marriage to reconcile, financial breakthrough, health and education for my children…

  8. I received in the name of jesus,pray for my fammily,my sons ,spiritual marriage ,family curse of stagnation and financial problem and sickness .amen

  9. Thank u for that awesome message man of God i receive in Jesus name in gonna walk in faith an believe in miracle in Jesus name

  10. Dear man of God. Good afternoon, I am not weak like before in body. Your prayer is helping me I watches all your service from 2017 up tell this 2018 24 0f August. And i just start on the 13 of August I lock my self from every thing to stay focus on the words you preach it is so powerful. You touch me deeply in my heart when I see the healing tread running down from my eyes. Moses I just want you to touch just like how you touch your son and said follow me and he begin to prosper. Pastor Alph lukau I never see no man like you in my life. Please pray for me. One days I will see you face to face in the mighty man of juses.

  11. My father alph lukua I thank you dady to have a father like you of this generation,and I always pray and believe Sir that my Brake through il come from your prayers pastor sir in as much as we don’t have the opportunity to meet you pastor sir I believe and have faith in you from what we have seen and head from your teachings…
    Pastor sir my life has been hard in terms of business,it has been 4years now trying to make one thing work in life sir I need finecial Brakethrough..pray for my business and my family.

  12. I need a promotion, I am so depressed in one state and cannot move on in this company, they are so wicked placing people in positions that they are not qualified for. Please pray for me that by the end of August, which I have been praying for, that I will be removed from this department to a new one or recieved a new job. Only GOD knows my struggles and my deep financial distress.

  13. Man of God ,,please pray for me for healing from a deadly disease and fruit of the womb. My husband also needs Gods favour

  14. Man of God Pastor Alph Lukau please pray for my spiritual life for God to remember me. I’m A back slided servant of Jesus Christ. I wanna come home

  15. Man of God I need prayers for a financial breakthrough my money is held and I got no access to anything,i got no house no food anything financially am cut off please help in prayers, and I will come to witness in you church as in I will fly to SouthAfrica just to testify.
    Thank you.

  16. Pls pray for my son Sekove Vodo studying in Japan,doing his presentation on Friday nextweek,Friday,at the university also pray for my daughter’s tertiary fee,my eldest son to get married,he is a teacher at a secondary boarding school,pray for me ,destroy diabetes and high blood pressure… Pray for mt grandson,he is 9 and still cannot read please God remember me and my chidren,I trust God for he is our HOPE..amen

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