Why don’t you take the limits off of God? Quit thinking of all the reasons why you can’t accomplish your dreams. God breathed His life into you. He’s crowned you with favor. You have seeds of greatness. The prophet Joel said, “Wake up the mighty men.” I’m looking at mighty men, mighty women right now. I’m looking at Josephs and Esthers. God is going to put you in strategic positions to affect the culture. Stir your faith up, believe big, pray bold prayers, dream God-sized dreams.

If you’re going to step into the unknown, it’s going to take boldness. It’s not always going to make sense. People may not understand. They may try to talk you out of it. Your own thoughts will tell you, “You better play it safe.


This is too big a risk. What if it doesn’t work out?” The scripture says in Psalm 37:23, “The steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord.” Take that step, not knowing all the details, trusting that God knows what He’s doing. Then, each step of the way, there will be provision, there will be favor, there will be protection.

Cast that devil out of your yard (Matthew 9:32-34)
Today you will command that devil to leave your health, to leave your marriage, to leave your finances, to leave your family, to leave your business, to leave your community, to leave your children, to leave your property in the name of Jesus!

Father Your Word says You will bless the works of our hands (Deuteronomy 28:12); whatsoever Your sons and daughters are doing, whatever work they are involved in, I pray You release a financial miracle for them in the name of Jesus.


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  1. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet Alph,i receive todays prophycy in Jesus name ,i believe i have faith and trust that Jesus can to miracle in my life , oh Lord i expect turn around miracle in my finance,oh sweet Jesus merciful Father have mercy on me oh LORD you know me i am a Sinner,forgive my sin through the blood of Jesus Christ, i can’t to anything without you oh Lord, In Jesus name i pray Amen ,

  2. Amen, l receive it in Jesus Name.
    May Jehovah Rapha heal me.
    May God expose my hiding enemies and destroy them.
    Thank you Daddy.

  3. Thank you father for mercy you have died for me, for me to be saced. My prayer request is to have financial freedom to be able to finance my study and publish my book. To be appointed as a permanent full-time lecturer in IUM ongwediva cumpus and to drive my dream car this year. My third prayer request is to pass my modules with a cumulaude, Devine health and enumeracy blessings will be my pillar of strength. Goodness and mercy will follow me and i will dwell for ever in the house of the lord.

  4. I thank God for waking me up today, Thank you Pastor Alph for today’s prophecy I receive it in Jesus might name and I also want you to pray for me Prophet I have submitted a complaint at Law Society for my accident claim that was never paid 20 years Ago I really need your prayers my Profet this is a difficult matter.

  5. I believe that God will do marvelous things in my life;
    – Financial breakthrough.
    – Breakthrough in Marriage ( to have children )
    – Breakthrough in Health ( Heal my wife, mum and my elder brother)
    – locate and punish my enemies
    – restore blessings and ilu to me and my family

    All I ask in Jesus name, AMEN

    1. Amen nd Amen I believe in my god that he does here my prayers and will answer and bless mein Jesus mighty name Amen.

  6. My Lord so it shall be done unto me by your will. Give me increase in my salary. Please forgive mt debts completely make me free from all the financial loans in the mighty name of Jesus i pray Amen

  7. I thank you lord JESUS for all the blessings on my my son daughter my mom my brothers sisters all my nephews and nieces…I humbly ask u JESUS to bless me n my documents to be stamped in Portugal without any problems any delays amen ……….

  8. I love you Lord. I kan niks but you can mej situacije change. I doet misteks yes lord. I nead you. Change mej mijn lefen many mijn dromen mijn child. I nead your People church miriculs. Holy spirit spik te mej. Help mej. Nuw lefen. In jesus NAAM. Dear pastor alph lukau i Will komen en doer is niet open. I belive your preyer. I huilen watching miriculs wat lord doet en in yau. Thank you lord for deze pastor. I belive in your miriculs for 7 days. Amen

  9. I expect a turnaround miracle in my finances, triple promotions,my bills being settled, healing and what i did not see to start seeing them now in the name of Jesus Christ ,because I believe in the living God Amen.

  10. I beleave that God will do marvelous things in my life and my familly financially breakthrough -Breakthrough in health;heal my dad my mom and my uncle my brothers and everyone’s in the familly;locate and punish the enemies;restores blessings to me and my familly. In Jesus name AMEN.

  11. I believe that God will heal me,
    .release my marriage breakthrough
    .they will be unity among my brothers
    .I will achieve my dreams in this season

  12. I pray for a change in my financial situation. For my Lord God to break every chain that is holding my finances. In the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  13. Pastor plzcan pray for me and my husband for good health n child we do not have children and my husband for progress in life he cannot go to work as he is taking care of his bedridden mother.

  14. I believe that God will do marvelous things in my life;
    – Spiritual growth
    – Financial breakthrough.
    – Breakthrough in Marriage
    – Breakthrough in Health
    – locate and punish my enemies at work
    – restore blessings and ilu to me and my family
    -More more blessings lord in life

    All I ask in Jesus name Amen Amen

  15. Thank You Jesus, I give all the praise because You deserve it, I greet my able spiritual Father, I believe and trust my God will do a wonderful things in my life and family, these are me and family prayer requests: Total Healing in my life and family
    Total deliverance
    Wisdom for my children to pass their exam
    Promotion, protection, divine favour, Grace, financial blessing, connection and above all God’s direct in my place of work
    Let me see my menstruation again
    My elder Brother to receive his sight
    My younger sister to have children
    Marriage in my family
    Divine blessing to build our houses
    International traveling mercy on business,
    Let all my enemies that are mocking at us see the manifestation of the goodness of God in our life’s in Jesus Might Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooo, Me and family appreciate the prayer you are offer for us everyday, may our good God continue to bless, more anointing, more grace, favour and connection in you live and family in Jesus Name

  16. papa pls realise all blessing to. ibelieve and trust in you as my father of heaven and earth. ireceive it in Jesus name

  17. Please pray for me to get money and help my sister to do business she is at home she is not work and he’s husband has no money now days me to i need money for my business please and all my family to ok financial breakthrough and wisdom health


  19. Yes yes yes he is God of turning things around i believe in Jesus Name for healing in my body financial freedom I’m expecting so much in my bank account hallelujah

  20. Thank You Jesus and thank you Prophet Lukaua. I am believing the God of Moses, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, Israel, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, my Lord and Saviour to turn things around in every area of my life in my favour. Grant me the desires of my heart oh Lord, strengthen my spousal relationship and bring full restoration, increase my finances, health, promotion, family life, stand in the gap for me and give me victory in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. Lord Jesus, I call on You because I know You are able and I am expecting my miracle in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus. Amen!

  21. Prophet….If you just call my name 1 time, everything will manifest (my miracles) in the name of Jesus Christ.

  22. Seigneur Dieu d’amour souviens-toi de dorien. Fasse qu’il sorte de cet engrenage d’alcool et de drogue. Soutien le dans cette formation qu’il vient de commencer. Manifestes toi en lui. Pasteur Alph Lukau svp priez pour dorien



  25. I would like to testify that see a change in my household. There is peace
    where once there was confusion from an alcoholic husband. Thank God.
    Thank you for praying for me Pastor Alph.My kids are doing pretty okay in their jobs also.Thank you Jesus. I am claiming financial freedom and debt cancellat iion I receive these prophecies. for myself and everyone represented on
    this forum. Amen and Amen.

  26. I believe and have faith that Jesus can still do miracles in my life.for the restoration of my money which the devil has stolen and my money which I invested and have not seen any returns. O Lord favour me today and let me see my miracle manifested. in Jesus” name. Pray for me Pastor Alph. .

  27. Thanks for blessing everyone on daily basis and our Mighty Heavenly Father shall continually blessing you as well in everything you lay your hands to do for others and for yourself and for your entire Family in Jesus Name.

  28. I totally believe in Jesus Christ and His faith shall provide healing and Finance. Amen.

  29. Lord I thank you for another filled with your mercy and grace. Thanks for ALL the blessings you bestowed on me and my family. I pray that my son will get the position he interviewed for last week. And I pray for healing for my niece Denise Christie in your name father. Amen

  30. Amen. P.A. L. Please pray for me on : my son living with me challenging me, I just remember how he was a sweet young boy, now at the moment it is challenging, he is finding all excuses to do toward me the way he is expecting to talk & act toward me, May your God I believe in also intervenes, it is exhausted, please Lord helps me, also restoration in all aspects of my household in or outside.

  31. pastor Alph Lukau I need your prayers for my financial improvement and I know God will hear your prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  32. God morning dad alph lukau please iam requesting a prayer I know you can’t pray for us one by one but still I need a prayer from dad.miracle, breakthrough, healing for my mother, break altar, my identity, my destiny, protection thank you papa

  33. Lord i need your touch do something crazy today help me out with debts i need solution with your help

  34. Amen Man of God i need your prayer minor delay of my progress i wanted to buy a residential plot but payment is being delayed i feel uneasy thank you Lord im peggy

  35. my prayer request is 1.i need financial breakthough in my life 2.i need Gods protection and Gods healing in my family 3.i need miracle money and God forgiveness of my sins.

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