June 25th 2020 : BANK ALERT Miracle For 500 Persons – Click Here To Join This Miracle – Pastor Alph Lukau

Miracle Money
Miracle Money

June 25th 2020 : BANK ALERT Miracle For 500 Persons – Click Here To Join This Miracle – Pastor Alph Lukau

I Call On The Host of Heaven to Bless You with Enough Money , so that paying your Bill , Buying a Car and Having your Own House will be a story of the Past In Jesus Name … I Can See God Answering this Prayer On Your Behalf.

Miracle Money
Miracle Money


Jesus died and paid the price in full
Stand up child of God
Go and get what is yours in the name of Jesus
The devil has been staying in your house for too long
You have been going to the hospital for too long
Your healing is included
Your deliverance included
Your marriage is included
Restoration is included
Your new job is included
Your peace of mind is concluded
Somebody receive it


Nothing that’s happened to you is a surprise to God. You’ve got to take the hand you’ve been dealt and make the most of it. It may not be fair, but God is fair.

He’s a God of justice. He sees every wrong that’s been done to you, every disadvantage, every hurt. If you don’t use those things as an excuse to get bitter and have a chip on your shoulder, then God will take what was meant for your harm and use it to your advantage.

He will pay you back for the unfair things that have happened.


  1. Dear lord bless mej en mijn child met miriculs many. I Will apartman in kroatia van mijn dromen. Dat Will be in jesus naam

  2. Please, man of God, help me with prayers ,tuitions is bothering me a lot. I have no choice. Do me that favour man of God.Have no where to look at.please man of God.

  3. Dear Lord,i come to you with all my needs.I am in need of money to start up my business so that i can help my family as we are having financial problem.You know me by name.Add what i didnt ask.i am not working and i know it shall be done in the name of Jesus Amen.

  4. Thanks you Jesus. reimburse the unfair things that Satan did for me and my family and send your holy ghost to locate and punish Satan and his wicked people. Jesus Jesus restore back my belongings in Jesus name.

  5. I receive all in Jesus name my God may God don’t left me over. Let your will be done. Through your servant papa alph lukau

  6. It shall come to pass by the grace of God in the mighty name of Jesus..
    I was also expecting some documents from abroad but they are stack some where,please pray for me so that they reach Botswana this is very important and urgent please prophet help..

  7. Pastor Alph you are a great MOG may almighty God continue to bless you and guide you ever sept of the way🙏🙌✌❤

  8. I need your prayers and healing and blessing s from my spiritual father pastor alpha lukau is the best pastor in this planet ordained by god


  10. I need this miracle as I need a job ,, I have no house to stay I really need your prayers, For 3 yrs of unemployment ,, I need it 7 times better…..in Jesus name Amen…

  11. Thank you Papa : I received the Bank Alert miracle money in Jesus name. I also claim back all that the devil has stolen from me by fire 🔥 by force.
    I claim my sound mind back in the name of Jesus name. I take my healing, my job, my marriage, peace of mind
    Lord please give me full deliverance and restore joy in my heart. With you Lord nothing is impossible.

  12. Thank You Jesus, I greet my spiritual father, I receive my bank alert miracle in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. The word of God is yes and amen pastor Alph Lukau , I receive the miracle of money as you pronounce it for me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen

  14. I receive it..thank God for a man of God Alpha LUKAU… I’m thanking God for me and my wife ..house now until it comes to pass in Jesus name!! And for miracle money…in the mighty name of Jesus…do thank you Papa..

  15. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet Alph Lukah ,i receive today’s prophesy in Jesus name ,oh lord to it for me and for my family, oh sweet Jesus by your blood let all my trouble and painful be wash away, devil you reign of terror enough is enough ,success in mighty name of Jesus Amen

  16. The Bible said that many are called but few are chosen, God has chosen Pastor Alph Lukau to deliver the world. So am saved through him, in Jesus name, Amen

  17. I receive every word of this decree and declaration in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord. Amen. God bless you Prophet Lukau and the AMI family.

  18. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Man of God. I recieve today prophecy in Jesus name, Jesus by your holy

    blood clear our debts father. I believe i recieve my miracle money today in the name of Jesus. Amen Amen


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