5000 BANK ALERTS Prophecy For People Online – Click To Submit a Prayer Request and Receive an Instant Alert – Pastor Alph Lukau

5000 BANK ALERTS Prophecy For People Online – Click To Submit a Prayer Request and Receive an Instant Alert – Pastor Alph Lukau

Let there be Increase In Your Financial Status … I Prophesy Miracle Money Into Your Account … My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau .


Only Jesus Can Do This – Submit a Prayer Request Now !!!


Where are the people that believe God will display His awesome power through you, people that believe God will make you an example of His goodness, to show those around you that He is God? It’s good to read about His power, it’s good to talk about it, good to remember it, but God wants you to experience it.

I Want You to submit a Prayer Request Now

He wants to show out in a new way. When you believe, when you say like David, “Make a show of Your favor,” that’s when God will make things happen that not only amaze you but amaze the people around you.

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.” (Ephesians 3:20)

Your time of mourning is over. Your life of pain has expired today. The works of the enemy in your life have expired today. As I speak under the Holy Ghost; may you march on to the place of victory.
May you testify the goodness of God. May the world looking at you notice the glory of God in you. So shall it be!


  1. Debt cancellation, promotion, bank alert, growth of my business, peace and calm in my marriage,financial breakthrough, healing of my mom from arthritis, funds an help for Mats’ohlo’s ear operation, permanent job fro Seloka, Relebohile and Mamankoe, win the court case regarding my car accident, Thabang to pay me back and Teboho Mefane to pay the expenses I incurred for fixing my car, build my own house and peace and calm in my marriage.

  2. I need God help in my life on bodily and spiritual healing, i dnt enjoy my health, i want GOD to pls help me and liberate me frm this illness, i also want GOD to pls let me achieve my dream this year, i want to study law,and wish to obtain a scholarship this year. I want GOD to protect me and let no evil plan on me to prosper. Thanks pastor alph lukau.

  3. I believe God he will change my lyf some day l followed pastor alpha lukau last year in Ami church.and l always wacth every service in the church and l learn many things of Jesus l started to follow Ami church and other day l believe that God can do something special one day cause l believe in him and l am going with him with my father Alpha lukau l am not going to pray for that he will answer me one in the name of Jesus

  4. iam experiensing finances difficulty rite now everything stuck a lot of debth pray fro me please pastor lukau

  5. Man of God, I ask you to please keep me in your daily prayers to recover from stomach pain and Financial problems. Praise God!

  6. Papa let me among the 5000 people that receive the BANK ALERT. Remove the obstacles and hindrance that prevent me from receiving the BANK ALERT.

  7. may i submit a prayer for God to deliver me for the past week i have experience being hit by betterflies and my body is paining may the grace of God speak for me

  8. please God, as I write right now, I am confused, I have no money no food, it’s too bad in my life, I have too big debts. Dear God please bless me with miracle money into my account now, I believe all is possible with you, I want to testify after you have blessed me the miracle money
    here is my account details oh lord

    Name :Samkeliso Mphumelelo Matsebula
    account: 62804040533
    acc name :FNB
    phone number: (+268)76821917

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