5th Prophecy Of The Month – Receive Your Miracle Money Now – By Pastor Alph Lukau

Those who said you will not make it are about to be disappointed. Those who are expecting your downfall are about to be proven wrong. God is fighting for you.


They rolled away the stone, but Jesus didn’t go in and lay hands on Lazarus like He did the blind man and others that He healed.


This time He spoke and said, “Lazarus come forth.” All of a sudden, Lazarus woke up. He came out of the tomb on a word from the Lord.

Jesus may not be here in person, but we have what Lazarus had. You can come out on a word from God. God says, “You will live and not die.”

Let that take root, and you can come out on that word. “Whatever you touch will prosper and succeed.” There’s a word to come out on.

“Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” There’s a word to break bondages. What God says in the scripture is the final word.

God is about to Lift you Up