End Of 7 Days Prayers & Fasting (My Prophetic Words) – Pastor Alph Lukau

 End Of 7 Days Prayers & Fasting (My Prophetic Words) – Pastor Alph Lukau

May God Continue to Bless You , Here are my words for those who were part of the 7 Days Prayers & Fasting.

– God is setting up a table for you in the presence of your enemies. May you enter into a new season of Victory and Glory in your life in Jesus name.

– May the lord lead your steps and connect you to the right people for your destiny.

 Reviews : End Of 7 Days Prayers & Fasting (My Prophetic Words) – Pastor Alph Lukau

– Lord please keep me faithful to you, help me never forget your call and always remember your goodness in my life.

– I speak God’s blessings in your life in Jesus name. May everything your hand touch turn into GOLD. May you enemies envy you.

– I sense that GOD is about to do a new thing in your life. Be expectant, for your time to testify has finally arrived.

You Have No Reason why not shout AMEN !!!


  1. Amen. Thank Man of God for this opportunity of fasting and pray for 7 days. I know God is preparing for me the table in the present of my enemies. They should be there so that they will witness the Power of God through prophet Alph Lukau.

  2. Pastor Alph Lukau. My prayer request is for my Son total restoration of his mind also I need a financial break through I needto be dept free

  3. Pastor, I fasted all 7 days, I’ve never fasted this long before. I’m , and suffer from hypertension. I also have a condition with my heart, and is suffering from diabetic kidneys, among other things. I stayed off of my medicines, my blood pressure was so high, but I trusted God. Just now it was still high, so I declared that I’m healed. Anyway, because of the headaches, I took my blood pressure pill, and my heart pill. I have been so blest by these 7 days. I give God the glory, and I thank you for all the Prophetic prophecies. I thank God that my time has come. I will testify. I SHOUT AMEN. GOD BLESS YOU PASTOR ALPH LUKAU.

  4. Thank you Lord my time has come,hiv positive,stagnation,poverty,financial problems,singleness,curses,deliverence and my broken bones from a bus accident,i am laying in hospital now but i receive

  5. I am praying and asking for healing of my entire body and also for a financial breakthrough Life is not easy right now but I am trusting that God will make a way for me and my family

  6. Amen!
    Thank you Lord for using Pastor Alph Lukau in a mightiest way, continue to increase your grace upon Alph to help the sheep in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus for such a man of God as Alph.

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