7th Prophecy Of October – Click Here To Join 3000 Bank Alert Prophecy By Pastor Alph Lukau (Join Others Now !!!)

7th Prophecy
7th Prophecy

Before the end of this Year , You condition will turn around.

Before that end of this week 500 Persons reading this will receive a Phone call that will change their lives.


The next message you will receive will be a bank alert message that will change your life.

7th Prophecy
7th Prophecy

Say This Prayer With Me !!!

Father, You are the Most High God, the only true and living God. You are excellent in all of Your ways. You reign in heaven and on earth. The heavens are Your throne and the earth is Your footstool.

There is no searching Your understanding. Lord, You are good and Your mercy endures forever. You are the great I Am, the Everlasting Father, a Mighty God, the Prince of Peace and a Wonderful Counselor.

You are our creator, redeemer, savior, and sustainer. We give thanks to You for You are faithful even when we have been faithless. We thank You for Your word which gives us light and understanding.

We thank You for giving us all things that pertain to life and godliness and for giving us all spiritual blessings in heavenly places.

We exalt You, Lord God, and we bless Your Name.


  1. Thank you father for the changes of my life right now you’ve been great to us even we ate unfaithfull to tou bit yet you love us thank you for the breakthrough … and i beleive that i can receive a call todayfor my changes….in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

    • I receive your prayers for today Pastor Alph lukau blessing in Jesus name yes I dont my God is working behind the scenes for me cause He that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength the shall run an not be weary walk an shall not faint walk He is the Great I AM The Alfa and Omega the beginning an the end the councilor I thank God for waking me up this morning and for giving me all thing His name is worthy to be praised an I bless his holy name an I’ll always give thanks an praise an show some love while trying to put a smile on someone face an I’ll bless His holy name thank you Pastor Alph lukau blessing always to you an the A.M.I team.

  2. Amen and I receive God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ as you let your pastor Alph Lukau prophecy to me so it will come to pas for me the next message that I will receive will be bank Alert that will change my life. in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

    • Greetings in the mighty Name of Jesus
      Our soon coming King. Pastor please
      pray for my daughter Daisy she is pregnant n the doctors r saying they don’t see the baby n saying she has fibroid
      Fibroid I believe by faith for every fibroid to dried up in Jesus Name n she n her baby good health . Thank u n God bless u.

  3. Thank you JESUS Thank you PAPA,I recieve todays prophecy in Mighty JESUS name ,LordWe exalt you LORD GOD And we bless your Name most high GOD Amen

  4. Amen Oh Lord you are great miracle working God in the supreme anoiting of Papa Alph Lukau i believed you are my Jehova jirah,you know my every need and you will change my story.papa plz pray for me and my family

  5. Father in the name of JESUS I believe that before this week end I shall RECIEVE a life changing phone in the MIGHTY name of JESUS. I shall experience the SUPERNATURAL in my bank accounts exceedingly abundantly all I can HOPE ARE DREAM HALLELUJAH. Tomorrow FAVOR will find ME IN JESUS NAME. ONE AFTER ANOTHER PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH

  6. Greetings in the name of Our Lord JESUS. I receive the Financial breakthrough and the Bank Alert Message in Jesus mighty name. Shalom Shalom Shalom.

  7. Papa ALph Lukau, thank you for your prayers, please count me in, for the favor that will change my life ever, l will receive bank alert in Jesus name.

    Amen Amen Amen.

  8. Dear God and Heavenly father, I pray for for my financial break through, that of my son and my siblings. Lord cover us with the blood of Jesus, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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