How To Register and Login Alleluia Ministries Accommodation – IVP

Been part of the next International Visitors Program (IVP) by Pastor Alph Lukau is the Greatest thing that might happen to your life in this year 2018 , please note and share the updates below.Alleluia Ministries Accommodation


Submitting of PRAYER Request to AMI now is free , using the comment box below to get started and note that Prayer Points must be explained , more updates and sermons below

Regular Package
Only Accomodation No Transport

Standard Accomodation Package
Transport, Food and Accommodation

VIP Accomodation Package
Transport, Food and Accommodation

VVIP Accomodation Package
Transport, Food and Accommodation

IVP Standard Service Package 

IVP VIP Service Package

Summary: Alleluia Ministries Accommodation

You may get knocked down, but you have to get back up again. You have to have a made up mind, “I’m not going to let my disappointments stop me. I’m not going to let the mistakes I’ve made, the guilt and regrets, cause me to shrink back.

I’m not going to let bad breaks, people that did me wrong, rejection, betrayal, family that didn’t support me, cause me to get bitter and stay where I am. I’m going to fight through the crowd.”


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