Alleluia Ministries Brakpan Address – Branches , Minister Dede Muteba

Alleluia Ministries Windhoek , Namibia - Church Address - Pastor Alph Lukau

Alleluia Ministries Brakpan Address – Branches , Minister Dede Muteba

Here in Brakpan South Africa , AMI is one of the best Churches , Owned By Pastor Alph Lukau but powered by Minister Dede Muteba / Minister Jessie Konyane.Alleluia Ministries Brakpan Address - Branches , Minister Dede Muteba

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AMI South Africa Brakpan

Minister Dede Muteba / Minister Jessie Konyane

124 Wenden Street, Brakpan

Contact: +27 72 310 2886/ +27 82 555 6194

Sunday service: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Summary: Alleluia Ministries Brakpan

Matthew 7:24 — Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built His house on the rock.

JESUS is the best foundation upon which to build a solid life. The foundation of Jesus Christ is what will give us the stability our hearts and lives need now and into the future. Worry doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles… it takes away today’s peace… Call on the Prince of Peace. Give Him your burdens and cares…

The Bible says that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. When we are living the way God intends—full of peace and joy—we are carrying His “light” burden. We don’t have to carry the worries and stresses of this life. Call on the Prince of Peace, and He’ll take you places that you’ve never dreamed of. ⚘⚘⚘


  1. Man of God pray for me and my family from a sprit of death of Grandma in everybody’s dream, fight against the Nafwau people they are not working for us but they are working against us to collops us Case, no salary increase, no back pay, may god in spirit arrest them and send someone to represent our case, were we can receive back pay and salary increase, provide money for me to cancel my debt’s, help me lord, expose the works of my enemy at my working place who ever behinds me telling my supervisor bad word to collops my promotion , may god in spirit transfer that person before the year ends and expose his or her work in coming 7 several days.. Restored my life, gives marriage , fixe the relationship of my two sister its on and of give true marriages, and open my sister eye to see a gain in blind for 5 years now.. Heal mamas leg, connect us to our helpers..Amen

  2. Who ever is behind our sickness, and pain may god punished them, restored our life, gives new life to celebrate more weddings in our family, help us lord , let my promotion manifest before the year ends by fire by force..let the people who Owen me to look for me and pay me back..amen

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