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 Alleluia Ministries Healing School , International Testimonies

Mammon is a spirit that controls the resources in this world, he controls money (Matthew 6:24). Mammon does not want you to have. Mammon does not want anything to happen unless it is done though him. You have to have the knowledge of him. Mammon can stop you from receiving.Alleluia Ministries Healing School , International Testimonies


Mammon makes you fruitless, barren, unproductive and suddenly your life is blocked. The spirit of Mammon in your life is identified by stagnation and no progress in your life.

When he sees that no matter what he does you already have – he comes to steal what you already have. You have to take what is yours by force.

TODAY, whatever that devil has stolen from you we call it back. Its coming back to you in the name of Jesus!

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  1. Thank you Jesus,Thank you prophet ALph,I recive todays prophecy in Mighty Jesus name ,Yes Oh Lord help me to come out of my debt and to get some money ,Lord you know me i am facing a difficult life ,Oh Lord i don know how to start and where to get my money everything i to it fail ,Oh lord i need your miracle in my life,Bless me financially in my work ,Oh Lord i keep my trust in you only oh Lord bless my husband and my children Lord heal my daughter health she is very weak ,defeat all the evil works in my family destroy by the blood of Mighty Saviour Jesus,Lord if you give me a chance i will spread the Miracle of your love you have done for me in my life ,In Mighty Jesus name i pray Amen and Amen

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