Pastor Alph Lukau – Alleluia Ministries Healing School (2018 – 2019)

Alleluia Ministries Healing School

Pastor Alph Lukau – Alleluia Ministries Healing School (2018 – 2019)

We know you are in need of healing and spiritual prayers , May the God of Pastor Alph Lukau Bless you through the  (2018 – 2019) Alleluia Ministries Healing School Service. follow the contact details below to ask your questions.Alleluia Ministries Healing School



8 Charles Crescent
South Africa


Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

Sermons: Pastor Alph Lukau – Alleluia Ministries Healing School (2018 – 2019)

What others think of you is NONE of your business.
Let them talk, let them mock you, let them conspire behind your back, the God who anointed and appointed you will ELEVATE you (Psalm 20:6). Those who mocked you will admire you, those who conspired will CONGRATULATE you

Everyone of you waiting for the manifestation of your miracle – I give you 7 days. Do not miss it. May your promotion come, your new job, your new tender, may your healing and deliverance come. May that thing you have prayed and fasted for in 2018 manifest. Somebody declare Amen


  1. Thank you Jesus thank you prophet ,Man of God,May God give you more and more Spiritual power to save your children of this generation I received your today’s 50 powerful declaration for my family life,Oh lord fire and destroyed all the evil works upon your children and set as free in Jesus mighty name ,oh merciful Father have mercy on me and bless my family to come out of all troubles in Jesus name I believe I trust oh Lord show me your Glory Amen

  2. Thank you man of God,
    For Gods blessings through you. I want to pray for my familie for delivirence en healing. I also pray for my nephew who is hospitalised now. The docters wonna give up on him. But my know that the God of my father is the biggest doctor. The wonder docter, the way maker. I receive for my familie pray for me daddy. In the mighty name of Jesus.

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