Alleluia Ministries International Prayer Request and Contact Details

Alleluia Ministries International Prayer Request and Contact Details

Alleluia Ministries International Prayer Request and Contact Details , By Pastor Alph Lukau , Good day my dear people of God , Today we are going to discuss on the very fast way in which you get connected to  Alleluia Ministries International Via Social media or Phone Number , so let’s get started. Alleluia Ministries International Prayer Request and Contact Details

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  • 8 Charles Crescent

  • Kramerville

  • Sandton

  • South Africa



Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

Do yourself a favor and learn how to walk away. When a connection starts to fade, learn how to let it go. When a person starts to mistreat you, learn how to move on to something and someone better.

Don’t waste your energy trying to force something that isn’t meant to be, because the truth is…for every one person who doesn’t value you – there are tons more waiting to love you better!

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  1. Pastor please help l need deliverance on my marriage which l ask God to repair it, l also ask you to pray for my family. thank Man of God

  2. Please pray for Elton and Pearl that they may be faithful in their marriage also for them for a job that both may work together and have a place of their own and grow spiritually Mervyn to stop drinking dorinha to heal thyroid and eusonophilia

  3. Good day Pastor, please pray for my business i’m stuck to get a breakthrough it’s only hand to mouth,fully equipped no customers.

  4. I am requesting prayer support for my family. Deliverance for my husband, Job and academic breakthroughs. Faithfulness onto God on the part of my husband. Deliverance from all generational curses from my family and my husband’s family. He is called Jonathan. I have been through a lot, over 20 years in this marriage. Watching Pastor Alph Lukau ministrations I believe he is operating under power of the Holy Spirit. I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to him to know me and what I have been through in pray for me, my husband and children. I need total deliverance for my home and that of my siblings too.That my sister Letitia will be blessed by the fruit of the womb. That brother Sebastian and his wife Mabel will also be blessed by the fruit of the womb. Pastor God bless you for availing yourself for God to use you to bless nations.

  5. I wrote you personally on fb asking you to be my spiritual father even though,we are not connected on fb. I am from Liberia, West Africa and father of two girls: Aprila D. Cooper and mantella P. kanafei. I also pastor a local and work as a state Auditor. All ask of you is just as you named your spiritual fathers the like of pst.Sundar Selvaraj Singh of India and others, I in like manner prefer you to be my spiritual father by imparting in me the gifts of the spirit. I whole heartedly pray God that you honor my request as my country needs some one like you, I am very delighted and passionate to labor for the kingdom of God. God bless you and gives you more grace as you proclaim his divine message unto salvation.

  6. I’ve read Prophet Alph’s biography . One thing missed is his salvation testimony. Can one get it on line. If “yes”, what’s the procedure to get it.

  7. How are you Pastor Alph Lukau my Father. Please pray for me about financial and to get more power of GOD. GOD said is you to deliver and anoint me. Please help me father.

  8. God bless you Prophet Alph !
    I recently started watching your service….Oh….My …God….I love to see God use you ,My family grew up Pentecostal Apostolic.. operate in fivefold ministry,many had past watching God use you had brought back so many memories God bless you !

  9. Pastor good morning. In 2012 I was chopped right on myleft knee and also my feet four fingers nerves were cut as I catch the knife. I went for medication in the Philippines and had metal implants..a total knee replacement and fingers screwed. Suffering now n need healing. I believe distance is not a barrier and the metal is disappearing. The God of PS Alph Lukau is greater than the metal in my knee. I will disappear and people will know that He alone is God. The God of Alph Lukau.

  10. This is a thanksgiving prayer for what You have done for us ( Noivas de Cristo) throughout 2018. We will be celebrating our year end next Friday ( Nov, 30th).Oh Lord allow us to march into a fresh and new governmental authority in this time. We want to arise and raise our voices in glory, we want to sing and shout and dance as You usher us in this mighty move of the Spirit that is beginning to sweep across the earth.
    Raise us in number and strength so we can move in unrivaled, supernatural power, marching to Heaven’s beat of justice and purity; we are daughters of the Cross, consumed with the love of their King. Together we want to see in awe giants fall and nations surrender to the glory of Jesus. Now is the time, now is our hour. Noivas de Cristo, arise! In Jesus name
    “AWAKE AWAKE, O DAUGHTER of ZION. ARISE! Come out of hiding. Shake off the ashes. Look around and see that I have made you VICTORIOUS, O beautiful one! REJOICE greatly. SHOUT ALOUD! For I am here. I am your victory. I have called you as a reformer. I have made you like the sword of a warrior. You are My mighty WEAPON.”

  11. Dear man of God, please ineed a healing prayers for my wife and my son, two of them they have brains injury’s problem since January 2017, please ineed a prayer man of God ,I know your God is able to change a situation, now is about 22 months in the hospital.

  12. Please pray for my husband.He is mistreating me.He is a hindu and keeps talking against Jesus. I have a four month old baby.I am fearful of him. Please pray for me .he hit me a few times in front of the baby.

  13. Salut Pasteur Alph,
    Je vous écrit en français parce que je veux rester dans l’anonymat. J’ai besoin de vos prières s’il vous plaît. Je veux me marier, mais je n’ai pas (ne serait-ce qu’un) prétendant. Je suis une jeune fille, et je n’en suis pas moche. Je ne sais pas si c’est le temps de Dieu que j’attends ou si c’est le diable qui me bloque. J’ai prier et jeuné, et fait des offrandes sacrificielles mais toujours rien. Merci Pasteur de prier pour moi. Amen.

  14. THE LORD SHALL GREATLY BLESS THE . [ Deut 15 . 5 ]
    My Ministry Divine blessing, Extension & Divine protection , God’s open new door.
    Family members spiritual life growth. [ Divine prosperity, Extension & Divine joy ]
    Omana, 7 years stroke [Soul, Mind, Body Divine healing & divine fire anointing. Good eye sight ,
    Omana postal department AREEARESS, Benefits & all Facilities immediately postal department . OMANA [ BRAIN, HEART divine fire anointing]
    Finance problem . [Heart , Head & Brain blood good circulation] [Divine long life & Divine peace ]
    Prasannal , Divine blessing & divine protection , Fire anointing.
    Mary Divine blessing, Job promotion, Divine blessing, protection. Finance problem
    John , Suni, Abija [ REUNION] Divine unity , Music team Divine blessing. Extension.
    Prasadh, Kanakam, Asish, Blessy [ Family divine protection] [ finance problem ]
    Prasadh job divine blessing,[SENIORITY 36 THIRTY SIX YEARS SERVICE [WEIGHTAGE] SIX ADVANCE Promotion , INCRCEMENT, good salary , Divine blessing & divine protection , BENEFITS, ALL FACILITIES Honorable postal minister & postal higher officers action immediately postal department . [ My sick CARCINOMA TONGUE TUMOR , CANCER, Divine healing divine fire anointing. Good eye sight , Divine protection, blessing. [ My heart , brain divine healing & divine protection]
    Padanthalumoodu family house Family members 3 THREE days fasting prayer . All the arrangements and financial needs. [ NIGHT PRAYER ] Continues prayer my house Divine blessing , Extension & Divine protection . My family house maintenances , extension. Family house divine blessing, divine protection, Attached prayer room & House compound wall. Enemy problem Direct & in direct Witch craft human, devil problem. [ Finance problem ]
    Family members Divine love, divine unity , divine blessing , protection.
    Please urgent your prayer prayer support’s .

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