Alleluia Ministries International Reviews – From Members and Non Members

Alleluia Ministries International Reviews

Alleluia Ministries International Reviews – From Members and Non Members

So Yesterday I Posted Reviews of Pastor Alph Lukau from Members in South Africa and around the word and it was amazing , Today we will show AMI Reviews from People around.


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 Summary: Alleluia Ministries International Reviews – From Members and Non Members

Checkout some of the Reviews below.

I love Alleluia Ministry and Pastor Alph, he’s truly a dynamic man of God. I watch him on Facebook and on YouTube every time that’s he’s on and he has been a tremendous blessing to me. I would like one day to meet him face to face. May God continue to use him and expand his territory. – Venecia Carrington

This ministry serves the kingdom of heaven, it preach Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Master also Savior. Let’s support in prayers and be one as it is written by one spirit we received different gifts of the ministry and to build​ one body which is of Christ Jesus our Lord. Hallelujah. – Tshepo Jonas

I saw him at YouTube, m still shocked,,m so panic about the young lady using the pampers 3 times a day ,she said she have the last one 2 use,bcos she don’t have a money 2 buy another 1,I was crying while I was hear that situation,I know my god he is a god of deliverance, – Nkhensi Lizzy Siweya

I love Alleluia Ministry international..I just start watching you about a month ago and I don’t want to stop watching . You are wonderful. You prophecy is so detail . You known everything.. I love it. May God continue to work in your life. – Donna Myers

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  1. Thank you Jesus Thank you prophet i recieve todays prophecy in Jesus name ,I have victory in jesus name ,Oh Lord defeat all the evil works of the enemy in my life and my family ,I shout i recieve Power in Jesus Mighty name Amen

  2. Hi pastor i ve been through some difficulty now pliz can u pray for me n my family
    N i was told by your messenger to send my offering to this name i was about to send by western union n was told by the girl in the western inion that plenty people has been send the money to that same name in DAKAR SENEGAL its a scan pliz just update i d rather give my tieth to the poor in hear or to the LEVIE PLIZ PASTOR CAN U JUST UPDATE ME FOR THAT THANK U GOD BLESD

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