“Alleluia Ministries International TV Settings” – GOTV , DSTV | Frequency

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“Alleluia Ministries International TV Settings” – GOTV , DSTV | Frequency

We know you will like to View the AMI Live TV on either your GOTV or DSTV , Is quite easy and fast so let’s get started with the full details. Note that I am praying for a Pioneering Anointing in your life. May you ask God for difficult things. – Pastor Alph LukauAlleluia Ministries International TV Settings


A pioneering anointing is a first time anointing. I decree and I declare that you will go where no one in your father’s house has been. You will do what no one in your tribe ever did. You shall be the first and never the last. So shall it be!

Summary: “Alleluia Ministries International TV Settings” – GOTV , DSTV | Frequency

Press menu on your DStv decoder remote Go to option 7: advanced options “ok”, then dish installation “ok” Pin code – 9949 (for most decoders) After that go to network 3 (other)

Press ok Change frequency to 12523, symbol rate to 27500 3/4.

Before scanning all networks, on network 3 change the satellite from IS 20 to W7 and save, and then go change it again from W7 to IS 20 save and Scan All.

After your decoder has finished scanning, press TV on your remote and scroll down to PUBLIC bouquet and you should find it keep scrolling until you see AMITV POLARISATION – V PLUS visit our new www.amitv.com website today. The Lord bless you.Proudly AMI

  • Activities On October 27th 2018 .. Details below.

Wow the Heal Our Land MARCH was a great success and signalled a CHANGE in this and other nations.

As a church we pray for our leaders, those in government and in the opposition. We pray for civil servants, we pray for the Police of South Africa.

We destroy every plan of the enemy trying to divide us. 
We say NO to HIV stealing our mothers and fathers – leaving our children as orphans.
May prosperity take over our land.
We say NO to corruption – one of the greatest enemies of prosperity
May God restore the church in its place, we pray that the church may take prominence again.

SO SHALL IT BE. #HOL #healourland