Alleluia Ministries : How To Become A Full Member of AMI – (Full Guide) , South Africa , Namibia , Other Countries

 Alleluia Ministries : How To Become A Full Member of AMI – (Full Guide) , South Africa , Namibia , Other Countries



8 Charles Crescent
South Africa


  • Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705

  • International: (+27) 11 443 5705

  • Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

  • E-mail:

Note that to become a full member of this amazing ministy , use the contact details Above to get started

 Reviews : Alleluia Ministries : How To Become A Full Member of AMI – (Full Guide) , South Africa , Namibia , Other Countries

January came and passed, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September have passed. October 2018 will NOT pass before you see the glory, the healing, the deliverance and the provision of God in your life. I am praying for your testimony. If you RECEIVE it Type Amen!

God Bless You

We’re not called to straighten everyone out. They may be wrong and you know you’re right, but if you win the argument, you have to ask yourself, “What is that going to accomplish?” Is it going to move you forward or is it just going to make you feel good? You may win but, in the big picture, it’s taking your time and energy, focus that you should be using for your dreams. We fight too many battles that don’t matter. If that battle is not between you and your destiny, it’s a distraction.

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    • i’m asking for breakthrough prayers Prophecy,i’mretired staying,i’min debts, not married 26yrs now, witchcraft is allover me rejected,i talk twoo minutes witha person then hated ,people always want tofight without nothing,neighbours at home the same alsomy son suffers the same,money is out of hand as i speak i’min trouble

    • Amen Man of God, please pray for me I really want to have the strength for prayers and my life is in mess and also need total deliverance, am not ok but please help me.

  1. Pastor Alph Lukau can you please pray for financial freedom since becoming a widow has been a hardship all round I have never wanted much just want to pay my debtors since my husband passed 4 years ago i try my best giving what I can to help others when needed just want to serve also my Daughter Deralee partner is very abusive since her gag gied towards her blaming her for his crappy life I try to share about JESUS try to tell him that he is loved but between accuses me of horrid things he gets so angry and vicious towards my girl when i tell him to stop being abusive i lift my children up into the fathers hand love my children very much I have been asking for forgiveness I before repentance brings freedom my girl knows shes is broken by this man blames her for so much i do fear for her life he has threatened to kill her and their 2 young boys who so love God in their tiny ways their youngest is 4 calls out to Jesus to help him with the things that come into their home at night ive prayed over and with their sons they always ask me why does our dad be so mean to their mum please help us with prayer over all my children and grandchildren
    thankyou for your pressous time i so mcuh appreciate you and AMI
    your Daughter

  2. f you please, I do not understand English, my name is iritié bi boli Franck I know that it is not, papa alph who will read my message, but if you please because of the love of God transmit to papa my message, i live a life of instability on all levels, on all financial matters. I have faith that if dad pray for me from a distance only 1 minute, God will remember the little family and me. You who read this message forgive help me. forgive

  3. Pray for my spiritual healing , my finances , my loved ones family and for my faith. Pray for me to get a breakthrough in all aspects of life i have been struggling all my life long i am lonely i need a best friend in my life a husband i need peace of mind pray for me man of God i am tired of all the struggles i am losing hope its like i am standing still in one place help me. AMEN I AM PRAYING PRAING AND PRAYING AND NOTHING SEEMS TO GO MY WAY.

  4. Good Day I am asking for prayer for me and my wife and daughters we experiencing people who are always looking at what we do and hold a meeting about it.Some people at work they spread a lie about me that I am buzy bewitching others that is why they always get accidents and I swear to God I don’t So please I Pray for protection of my family and myself Please

  5. please pray for me that God Will bring a break through in finance and in every area of my life i have been finding it hard in the battles that are going on around me and my family and freinds lives i try to encourage them to look to the father for his guidances well as for myself always encouraging any one who needs help i so desire the kingdom oof God to be for filled and see many young one looking and reaching out to the God who lives forever and whom loves us thankyou

  6. Pastor Alph Lukau stands with me in prayer,for my health, home,and my and friends and love one,God open my eyes for i can see my enemies,lord blessed my territory breakthrough and my miracle.and healing.I received anyway God bless name of Jesus I received it,in name of Jesus.Pastor Alah Lukau please in love in the name of Jesus.I believe Henry Biggers ( USA )

  7. Good day pastor please stand with me in prayer to rebuke these pains all overly body as I rebuke it in Jesus name to go an never return by Faith thank you.

  8. Papa Alph Lukau you are the anointed one chosen by God and the purpose for you is to deal with difficult matters. I believe 100% that if you don’t pass me by I will surely see the breakthrough in my life. please locate me I am badly in need of God’s visitation. Pray for me I want God to use me so that I might be His instrument for extension God’s Kingdom.Pray for Financial break through, I am a single parent money is too tight.I need my own house for at present I am staying in Government Quarter and only 6 years left I have to vacate the quarter. Pray for my sons named Benny Eleazer and Raymie Eleazer so that God will use them for they are His property.Pray for me I need a car. Papa right now I am watching you and my heart melted when I saw the two girls receiving their miracle, May God continue to use you mightily.Please let me know what is the will of God for my life. Love you Papa, Mama and AMI. My mobile no – 09612901059 God bless you all.

  9. Good afternoon Pastor Alph, Would you please pray for me and my family in these areas of our lives : stagnation, limitations, lust and addiction, children on drugs and not doing well at school, curses and witchcraft, promotion and salary increase, healing and deliverance, restoration, people looking down at us, jealousy. God bless you.

  10. Bless you man of God,,please intercede for me and my wife.. Help us with your prayers for our family business and my debts with bsp bank and heduru moni limited as loans. With your prayers rescue me from debts and make me breath again and make our family business prosper abundantly. In Mighty Jesus Name I submit this prayer request.. Amen

  11. I need prayers,I am a mother of 2 kids n expecting another 1 ,I need a healing from chronic disease,to have a happpiky family,and for my fiancée to marry me ,be a loya and faithfull husband, I also need a breakthrough financial,and God strengthen me to be faithful with my tithe.

  12. I have been following you on you tube, face book etc, i have seen the goodness the power of God. i always pray to have a personal relationship with Jesus. i pray for the touch of God upon my life. i pray that Jesus will visit me shortly and my life will never be the same. i believe in seeking first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, than all other things will be added unto me.

  13. Pastor pray for me;
    (I) so that my enemy R.soke Dav.d L becomes the resting place of my feet.
    (II) So that i get 3.7 Ugandan shillings

  14. Man of God please pray to make me free from loans and debts and very special favor to give me a nice rent house next month as we have notice to vacate the present house…We make special to the Almighty father in the Name of Jesus Amen…

  15. My husband has loan and debt. I won’t be able to pay bus.His business is not at all working. Both of us have lot of health problems. Our son is only in school while we are in fifties. Pray for the future and education of my son.We want to replace our old vehicle which has many compliants.We want peace

  16. I need prayers to overcome all obstacles and evil challenges.pastor alph lukau son of the most high pray for me to win souls, thats all i ask in jesus name AMEN

  17. Daddy i Can’t wait for AMI to open her branch in Liberia, West Africa.
    even though i am connected, but i want to be a part, i know i am already a part of AMI. Please be thinking about us in Liberia. Please pay a visit after COVID – 19

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