Alleluia Ministries : How To Become A Full Member of AMI – (Full Guide) , South Africa , Namibia , Other Countries



8 Charles Crescent
South Africa


  • Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705

  • International: (+27) 11 443 5705

  • Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

  • E-mail:

Note that to become a full member of this amazing ministy , use the contact details Above to get started

 Reviews : Alleluia Ministries : How To Become A Full Member of AMI – (Full Guide) , South Africa , Namibia , Other Countries

January came and passed, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September have passed. October 2018 will NOT pass before you see the glory, the healing, the deliverance and the provision of God in your life. I am praying for your testimony. If you RECEIVE it Type Amen!

God Bless You

We’re not called to straighten everyone out. They may be wrong and you know you’re right, but if you win the argument, you have to ask yourself, “What is that going to accomplish?” Is it going to move you forward or is it just going to make you feel good? You may win but, in the big picture, it’s taking your time and energy, focus that you should be using for your dreams. We fight too many battles that don’t matter. If that battle is not between you and your destiny, it’s a distraction.

Source: Alph Lukau


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  1. Unchangeable God only you can do what no Man can do,Aoooh Man of God your prayers have changed me ,your teachings are motivational may God help me and cling to the work of the Almighty than this destructive world ,i like you so much and your family

  2. Amen, l receive it in Jesus name.
    -May God heal my body
    -I need spiritual gifts.
    Financial and marital breakthroughs
    -Destroy witchcraft power in my life.
    – expose every hiding enemies and destroy them.
    Thank you Daddy.

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