Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request , Contact Details , Healing School

 Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request , Contact Details , Healing School

Good morning and Welcome to the Official “Alleluia Ministries” Blog Page , get connected with the Prayer Request , Contact Details , Healing School Activities , Note that I am praying for you – be strong and expect a turn around miracle to manifest in your life in this season in Jesus name.Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request

 Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request , Contact Details , Healing School



Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777


  1. Am a Christian from Jamaica have been watching your program on you tube and on Facebook Pastor Alpha you are a true man of God I need prayer the enemy is fighting my family badly I need prayer God bless you

  2. I have seen your prophesy on youtube you are a true man of God please pray for me I need healing I have suffered from acidity which make my life so miserable I know you can intercede for mefor God’s healing.

  3. Hello man of Go can u please pray for me to get job which I did interview for 3 weeks back . since then I haven’t anything from them. Please I really need this job

  4. I watched your preaching n propheasy on YouTube n I believe you are truly a man of God.please pray for my complete healing of irritable bowel syndrome that kept on attacking me.pray also for my husband whom a psychic predicted when he was young that he will die by 2020.I need also open door for a job.

  5. Please pray that the Lord supply me with a home, and a hat he heals me as well as my husband, and uses us for his honor n glory. Amen 🙏.

  6. Bless The Lord Pastor. Please Pray for my deliverance from the cluch (hold) of the enemy. Everything seems to be going downhill for me in my life. Please help me Pray coming against it in Jesus, Jehovah God Mighty Name, trusting Him for a complete change for the better in my life. I NEED URGENT ASSISTANCE IN SPIRITUAL DELIVERANCE IN MY LIFE, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. AMEN.

  7. Please pray for my daughters one for the fruit of the womb and the other one for marriage.
    Have watched you on television and yes you are a true man of God.

  8. I am requesting prayer for families for Salvation, I want God to send me my husband and that generational curse be broken off my families. My brother Derrick Foster who have to be watch all the time cause he is suicidal. I live in Jamaica

  9. I started watching your program yesterday on You-tube and was very inspured by you. PASTOR ALPHA LUKAU you are truely a man of God.I need your prayers for me and my family.

  10. Please papa am 39 and still single,I don’t know what is wrong with me,men will like me for friendship but not for marriage, I have seek for solutions to many places, but I believe in your God,I know you can see me wherever iam,

    • Man of God please pray for a healing miracle on my brother fighting for his life in hospital with kidney failure and cancer.May your God touch him in Jesus name

  11. Pastor my faith has being lifted by watching your program. Please pray for my son warner who is rebellious doesnt listen to anyone. I need total transformation in every area of my life.

  12. Dear pastor I been watching your program on youtube and believe in God please pray for me and mme and family please man of God nothing goes right for I believe in God we need help I am in London, England I am crying writing this message please intervene in God ITrust Amen

  13. I have been watching your channel but not often enough
    Please man of God I want your God to help me with the situation that I am going through.
    Pray for delivering of my things that are still held by the Nigerian custom
    Pray for my stolen goods to find there way back to me

  14. man of god please pray for my marriage its under attack. my husband is seeing someone and he keeps telling me he will run and stay with her because he cant enjoy being home, please I need your help in prayer I don’t want my children to grow without a father. his name is micheal wanjimba

  15. Man of God please pray for me since my husband died I’m not well things are hard with me,please pray for God to heal me and bless me

  16. Bonjour Pasteur
    Que le Seigneur benisse ton ministère puissamment, qu’il te donne encore une longue vie afin que tu conduises son peuple qui est dans la souffrance.
    Pasteur, je viens vers toi afin que tu intercèdes pour moi car j’ai mal au dos et si je m’écroule, c’est toute ma famille qui tombe car je suis leur seul soutien.

  17. Dear pastor
    I have just know you.Am from mauritius island I really appreciate on how you help people. Pastor guide me am a sinner.i want to correct my life pastor
    My wife and I want to settle in my own house .we are renting a house .I want the holy spirit to talk with me and guide me.
    Hope to have a miracle in my life.

  18. I’m a Evangist I will like to come there and learning about healing and be a vistor from NewYork City but I need to know what do R8 000.00 mean in American dollar please .

    God Bless need a good vacation to come for 1week or more. Please

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