Pastor Alph Lukau Accusations | Expose | Scandals 2018

Pastor Alph Lukau Accusations | Expose | Scandals 2018

 Pastor Alph Lukau Accusations | Expose | Scandals 2018

We create this page to inform the whole world that Pastor Alph Lukau is Clean from any Accusations | Expose | Scandals 2018 , please share the Good news.Pastor Alph Lukau Accusations | Expose | Scandals 2018

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 Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Accusations | Expose | Scandals 2018

  • The Lord has opened my eyes to see a few events that will happen from this day till December.

  • I have seen things that the church of God should be warned against.

  • There is a dark cloud that will go and cover the earth.

  • There will be a lot of pressure politically because the SHIFT that the Lord has released in our time requires that pain.

And it is in this moment that the enemy will also try to take advantage. Many children of God and many people around the world will feel the oppressive hand of the devil. Those who are not in prayer, those who are not standing on the WORD will feel it as much as the world will feel it.

But tonight I pray for you, that you may escape the works of the enemy in this season in the name of Jesus.

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  1. The devil is a lair!!!his time of terror is over,no tree without fruits will be stoned,so the devil is angry when he see pastor Alph Lukau anointed and destroying the words of the devil,may it be known by the accusing fingers that pastor Alph Lukau is anointed for difficult matters and the devil have no choice,pastor we out of south Africa,we are with you no matter what!l know one day l will come in AMI to be ministed to face to face l don’t care what the devil ,says concerning you man of God more anointing n more blessings for you and your family, you are UNTOUCHABLE in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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