What is “Alph Lukau” Baal Perazim Let’s Discuss Now

Pastor Alph Lukau Donation , Banking Details , Account Number

What is “Alph Lukau” Baal Perazim Let’s Discuss Now

So i was searching the web when i saw the word above i was confused and decided to search online , i discovered that According to Wikipedia , Ba’al-Perazim was a place in ancient Israel."Alph Lukau" Baal Perazim

It was the scene of a victory gained by David over the Philistines. It is called Mount Perazim in Isaiah 28:21. It was near the Valley of Rephaim, west of Jerusalem. , so I Want you to use the comment box below to tell us more you know about it.


Summary: What is “Alph Lukau” Baal Perazim Let’s Discuss Now

Pastor Alph Lukau does not have anything to do with this , he is a true man of God.


8 Charles Crescent
South Africa


Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

Note that you can now submit your prayer Request by using the details below.

  • Prayer For Pastors
  • Prayer For Parents
  • Prayer For Pets
  • Prayer For Quick Recovery
  • Prayer For Quiet
  • Prayer For Quick Money

Thanks and have a Blessed week


  1. Thanks for your continued support in prayers. Am blessed. Ŕequesting for quick money prayer i have been wishing to buy my own hse.not had enough money to do it 35000usd

  2. Daddy pray for my financial breakthrough I need a JOB I need money to buy my own house, my own car to start my own business to continue with my studies pleas Paster pray for me Amen

  3. Man of God of the most High God the self existing God, my faith is little, i need you to pray with me for a debt cancellation and that i will be debt free and will have the freedom to serve God, and please pray to God ask Him to help me to be a good steward after He cleared my debts, so i will be responsible and disciplined with my finances. I need a 360* turnaround. I believe the God of Alph Lukau. Amen.

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