Meet Pastor Alph Lukau Family , Wife , Children , Father , Mother – Full Pictures

 Meet Pastor Alph Lukau Family , Wife , Children , Father , Mother – Full Pictures

– I am praying for you – be strong and expect a turn around miracle to manifest in your life in this season in Jesus name.

Reviews On Pastor Alph Lukau Family

Do you know that He is married to his beautiful wife, the First Lady Celeste Lukau who serves with him in ministry.Meet Pastor Alph Lukau Family , Wife , Children , Father , Mother - Full Pictures


 Reviews: Alph Lukau Family

  • – I sense that God is sending you comfort and turning your situation around. Your prayers have been heard. Hold on tight, you are next in the list of God.

  • – No matter how many will stand against you, they will fall before you in Jesus name. Whoever digs a grave for you, will fall in it himself. God has declared you a victor, you cannot be a victim. ✌🏾

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If Christ is my vessel, I can smile at the storms.

Life is full of challenges and setbacks. We can’t do it on our own. Thankfully, we have a heavenly Father who wants to help us and never wants us to walk alone. He’s reaching out to you. So grab on and don’t let go. He certainly won’t. I am a vessel of God and desire to be more useful to Him. I am prepared for every good work and fit for the fight of faith.

Dear Lord, You are the One who never changes, and You are so good to us. Calm our hearts today with the grace and peace that come only from You. Help me to use my time wisely, to set my priorities well, focus on the things that matters, and forget about the things that don’t. Amen! ⚘

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  1. I am blessed to be daughter of the the most humble man of God papa and mama I am happy I connect with your teachings I am blessed

    • Please Papa Alph Lukau, my name is Rebecca residing in the USA and I just heard about you two days ago. Please I need your support in prayer because I am having a problem with US government and they want put me in prison for 25years for something I didn’t do, please Papa help me am on my knees asking for your prayers.

      • Hi Rebecca,
        I am just seeing your prayer request…prayed for you even though I don’t know how things turned out…Isaiah 41:10 Fear not for I am with you. Be not dismayed for I am YOUR God. I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteousness right hand. God is faithful Rebecca, trust HIM!

  2. APA please please pray for me I m a sinner,I cannot bear myself I need your deliverence APA Mighty man of God of this world, Symbol of my Authority ,Apa my head is about to broke due to pressure of my depth,please pray fr me and for my family ,i want to save my children and my husband,In jesus name i pray Amen

  3. Please Pastor pray for my depts cancellation. I’m STRUGGLING at the moment. I live by myself and my house is so expensive. Please would you able to pray for my financial breakthrough. Thanks

  4. Pastor Alph please send blessing in Durban to our Training and skills development business where we’re offer IT Skills .We request for you to bless us get more clients ,Projects and Learnerships from municipalities snd companies .Let’s us grow as we’re not working our lives relies on this new business. The company is Portal Trading as Ithemba ItSolutions.Were are begging for cars ,Home/houses as we’re renting where we’re stay. Please Pastor help us to make this dream come true.

  5. Please pray for a breakthrough in my family my daughter can’t get a steady job and she is still single I watch you every day all day and I belive in your ;

  6. I,m from Rwanda, Pastor Alph could you visit our contry?please pray for me so that the favor of God be on me!send your special prayer to me and my family.

  7. Praise God Pastor Alph. Please pray for me I get a husband from God. Secondly my daughter has just joined University and am worried for the peers she is to meet. May the blood of Jesus keep her safe. Pastor Alph am building apartments may God bless me with money and wisdom to finish them. I have a little one also in Nursery School may God bless her. Not getting my adopted daughter may God richly bless her. My parents are at an old age. May God bless them and keep them alive to witness my wedding. Oh I have a lot to ask like the Land boundary court case I have. May God’s will be done. Bless you Man God we are really blessed to have you in this times. Amen and Amen.

  8. Hello Papa, you are a real man of God, you are too much. Please come and plant one branch in Accra, Ghana. I am already a member. please remember me in your prayers, things are hard but with your God it is well. I believe. God bless you, your entire family and the bigger family your church AMI.

  9. God bless you man of God writing from Jamaica your service on the 19 of October has bless my heart I’m asking you to intercede on my behave that I may draw closer to god an to obey his words I’m a Christian but god knows it’s hard please pray my strength because I need to continue in jesus name

  10. Please pray for me for deliverance and financial breakthrough.i live in the bahamas and i am hook on your ministry through Youtube.You are truly a blessed man of God.

  11. Pastor, Prophet Alph Lukau. I greet you and your wife, & AMI in general. Please pray with me and my family restoration, my finances, and the establishment of what the Lord wants me to do in life, (purpose), succes, my victory is assured in Jesus, I know, sometimes I feel I am in a battle all by myself, may your God in whom I believe too intervenes in my affair, my children included.To receive visa (G.C.) speedily, I plan to get to AMI, let it be. Originally from W.A. living in NY USA.

  12. I came to learn about AMI about a month ago through You Tube and since then I have been watching the congregation and honestly I have developed some latent and strangely uncontrollable amorous inclination towards the wonderful man of God and I feel connected anytime I watch your church services. I am a Sierra Leonean who really wants to come and get a feel of your divine setting and to be a disciple of this wonderful church in Sierra Leone. I only need the servant of God to commission me to serve. I am ready to serve in any capacity as determined by the MAN OF GOD.I really wish to visit your congregation at your divine intervention. I believe the Man Of God can pray to let that happen. I know he knows everything about me even though I am writing from far away South Africa. Please Man Of God Help through my Office here to avail me an opportunity to visit Johannesburg before the end of this year.
    Meanwhile, please accept the assurances of my esteemed regards.
    ANDREW SANTIGIE SESAY(Working for the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in Sierra Leone)

  13. Good morning and may God bless you Pastor I asked for prayer over my life that God will bless me with the same annoying that you have and that I would have a relationship with him and praying in the spirit teach me how to communicate with him in the spirit you give me so much joy and pleasure when you be praying in the spirit or to hear anyone communicate with the father in the spirit and I would love to have that ever one-on-one relationship with him and I would love to come and see you do you ever come to the United States and if so then when I can get notification when you come so I can come and see you I know I don’t have the money to come down there but your prayers can reach me Right Where You Are and I thank you for your prayers and your blessings over me and my kids and my grandkids I just pray that God will keep us and bless us and pray over my financial in the name of Jesus I thank you I claim it and I receive it in Jesus name Amen

  14. asking for prayer for me and my family and that God will bless me with a double anointing that you have on your life in speaking in tongues and in the Holy Ghost I want that one on one relationship with God and to be able to walk with him and he be my savior because he had bought me so far and blessed me to be able to read and understand his word and more wisdom

  15. Man of God ive been trying to praying for my mom to be heal andto be positive again and for fear to walk again she’s always loose hope please help

  16. Please Dady, pray for me. The enemies are attacking everything in my life:
    – health
    – financial
    – relationship
    – education
    I’m so tired Dady.God choose you to deliver me.
    You are truly a blessed.

  17. Please for me an my children I am having financial problems please pray for me something I don’t feel so well in my body pray for me pastor in Jesus name Amen

  18. Please Ps Alph Lukau profecy for my life, my marriage to restore financial breakthrough to load my account as I have a lot of debts needs to settle we want our own house land and cars my kids to success in school my husband to go back to Jesus, promotion both o us me and my husband my parents to reunited as they separated since 2015 and most of all my family to receive salvation, I know nothing is impossible to God please Pastor give me a profecies in Jesus name

  19. Pastor Alph I need your help a lot of struggling no business again, tried of crying poor circulation, my sister lives in Canada with a bad memory problem not even get children’s name she don’t remember my heart pains for her please I am begging you help for,my friend with court case and stomach problem need prayer urgently

  20. Pastor alph lukau. Iknow you’r a man of God, please papa pray for my family to come to the Lord, also i have a son that he is a pastor but thers something wrong tha the congregation doesn grow, i suffer seen my son trying hard for 10 years already, he pray and pray but he does not want to close the church he is Waiting for the bless of the Lord, please pastor pray for my son his pasion is to work for the Lord, and my joy will be Seeing my son before the multitudes of souls Praising the Lord.

  21. Man of God pray for me as I’m a sinner and I need deliverance, I’m suffering,I never work even for a year even though I have qualifications.pray for my sisters and brothers we are all unemployed and unlucky deliver us from evil.I believe this will end one day.Amen

  22. I have an almost there but not there problem. Anytime something good almost happens to me it ends up failing.please I need your prayers.nothing is moving in my family

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