Can I PRAY FOR YOUR PRIVATE INTENTIONS and Prayer Requests ? – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Intercede On Your Behalf – SUBMIT A Prayer Request Now !!!

Can I PRAY FOR YOUR PRIVATE INTENTIONS and Prayer Requests ? – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Intercede On Your Behalf – SUBMIT A Prayer Request Now !!!

Today is February 8th 2019 …. My My Words Child Of God … I Prophesy to Both Members and Non Members of AMI ..

Within The Next 3 Days 5000 Believers will Receive a Good News , Followed By an Instant Miracle (Money and Riches Will Locate You) – My Name is Pastor Alph Lukau (Jesus Can Do This)




I’ve found bitterness is always knocking at the door. It starts as a little seed. Just a little offense. No big deal. If you ignore it, let it go, nothing will come of it.

But if you start dwelling on it, thinking of how you can pay them back, now that little seed is taking root.

It’s starting to grow, and before long, it will pollute other areas of your life.

That’s why Hebrews 12:15 says, “…that no root of bitterness springs forth and causes trouble and many become contaminated by it.” Notice bitterness is described as a root. You don’t see a root.

It’s underground; it’s hidden. But here’s the problem: a bitter root produces bitter fruit.

If you have a root of bitterness, it’s going to contaminate your life.


    • Daddy please pray for me and family.Pray for a financial break throw and for my illness.Daddy i want you to make me and my family free.Pray for my kids daddy.Daddy give me a portion of your annointing so that i can change the place where i live in Jesus Name Amen

  1. I receive it papa in the mighty name of Jesus. Pray for me man of God for financial break through to finance my study and publish my book. Pray for me to be employed as a full time lecturer in IUM ongwediva cumpus. Pray for me to buy my own house and my dream car may you open doors of my opportunities.

  2. Amen. Pray for opening of my organization called community social Humanitarian Project Uganda chapter and my marriage with Atim Stella my fiance this year without fail. The organization be open this month without fail. International donors donates funds every 3 moths as needed

    • I need healing and deliverance. My feet are sore and painfully it’s been four years not walking properly. I need a job it’s been three years now not working. I have lots of debts.I need financial breakthrough.I need miracle money.

  3. I receive good news in the next 3days in Jesus mighty name
    Papa please pray for my fincial breakthrough, I have started a small business “may it grow in the Name of Jesus..On Rapha2 may I receivea double miracle in Jesus Name.Who ever is digging a grave for me and my kids must fall in it himself.Amen

  4. Man of God please pray for me i have a problem of unforgiveness,I don’t forgive easily!I get angry over small things,Lord create in me a pure heart!Amen

  5. Please here my prayer request i need financial breakthrough, miracle money in my account, healing on my sickness and on my mother’s deseas, i wanna get married to the mother of my kids and leave with my kids. I receive in the mighty name of Jesus

    • Please pray for my Son Lionel he drinks and smokes,very rude to others,nothing to show in life because of his dirty life that he is living.myself l have surrendered him to God ,l am tired of talking to him and he makes me fool .

  6. papa i need my financial break through,i am a single mother of 5 kidz and my partner turn his back, and today when i took my kidz to the school without lunch box it have killed my heart i have no food in the but i am working but no progress into my life what ever am planning it does not progress now i dont know what to do, please MAN OF GOD PRAY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY

  7. Pray for me man of God for me to find a loving life partner someone who will love my kids like he loves me and for a financial breakthrough in Jesus name Amen

  8. Amen and I earnest prayer request today,please man of God pray for my mother loveness hamwiinde.a prophet from Zambia just told me the bad news that his seeing my mother dying this February, please as you are fasting and praying please don’t forget my mother,I will join in the prayer and fasting today as well.she is diabetic and has high blood pressure.

  9. Amen!! I claim every good things including miracle money and marriage you have prophesied.

    Man of God, I 100% believe you’re a true and humble servant of God, that’s why I’m always seeking God’s blessings through you. Please pray for me, a lady from the U. S. has promised to give me some funds for business purpose. Since then I haven’t heard from her. Always, I’m trusting in the Almighty God to get married before this year ends, please pray for me that I will receive a sum of money from somewhere to sponsor my wedding.
    Thanks and more grace, Pastor!!!

  10. Ameen..Dry my tears Oh Lord,Blesss me and grant all that my hear desires Ameeen
    I wish to visit AMI Dis year and i pray you do it for me Amen

    • Pray for me Papa family Restoration
      Family Deliverance
      Breakthrough for my British Citizen application.and James my son healing hes a mental case for years. and Financial break through.

  11. Hallelujah,,,,I receive this word in Jesus Mighty Name,,,papa pray for me am tired with everything,,,I just want breakthrough,,I want job in Jesus Mighty Name,,,plz pray for me

  12. For sure my life was drawing to bitterness because of the struggles I’ve had in life.From childhood to marriage to work place and now in business. I believe only God can deliver me.

  13. Man of God I receive every prophecy you gave to AMI. I need a financial blessing also.
    Pray for my mother she is 90 years old and having multiple TIA’s.(mini strokes).I can’t leave her alone. Pray my strength in mind and body.

  14. My prayer request is that God blesses my relationship with Ben Otto, permanent job, buildings (estates), cars of my own, my daughter Cynthia to get favour from her dad okoli Charles and get 4aggregates in her PLE this year.Pray for my sister Aigi that God blesses her business and expands it above all good health for me and my family, protection from the evil one . I receive the miracle money in Jesus mighty name Amen with in 3 day’s as papa Alph has prophesied today among the 5000 believer’s.

  15. Papa i want miracle money in my account, I have never received it before but now that you are the mouth piece of God,I will receive..Your name is pastor alph lukau
    you were born difficult matters.

  16. I receive my turn around, miracle money and overflow in Jesus name as Pastor Alph Lukua has declared. May the prophecy come to past in my life. Pray sir that I receive as it was prophecy.

  17. Good Day Man of God my prayer request is to be accepted for the position I have applied for and to pay off all my bad debts and have a clean name in the name of Jesus. The devil is trying me but enough is enough he does not ow my life, I am a child of God and have my faith in my Lord that he will take care all of my problems to his will Amen.

  18. Man of God please pray for my financial problems long overdue debts people knocking my door i don’t have nothing even to pay my rents. I can’t save my earning nor finish my loans. Please pray for my deliverance. Amen Praise God in mighty name of Jesus

  19. Yes Papa i really need U to Intercede in my life,im drawning in debts i cnt even breath,my little girl i cant even take her to School because i owe the School last year School balance of R5400,and some other debts,im Praying for a LIFE-Partner,God fearing Man,i Restoration and i Call forth Everything the devil has been stealing from me.I receive my Deliverance in the NAME of Jesus,i Receive my FINANCIAL Breakthrough and my Marriage it will happen this year whether the devil likes it or not in Jesus Name Amen

  20. Amen papa plz i need progress in my life i m started construct a house for business.papa plz pray for all in my family my brother and sister all is tight

  21. Good morning Pastor.
    Please please please pray for me.My financial status is not so good.Its a struggle to keep my head up.Pray for me i need a breakthrough.

  22. Kindly offer prayers on my behalf as follows. 1Debt cancellation 2.International doors to open for me. 3.Finanancial break through 4.Cancellation of spirit of procrastination and delays. 5.Divine health and protection for my family

  23. Good morning Man of GOD.
    Please pray for me.My financial status is not good.Its a struggle to keep my head up.Pray for me, I receiove this miracro.

  24. 1Debt cancellation 2.International doors to open for me. 3.Finanancial break through 4.Cancellation of spirit of procrastination and delays. 5. 5.Divine health

  25. Indeed bad roots produce bad fruits. I’m praying for financial breakthrough to help me pursue my academic journey. I pray for grace and favor upon my life. Blessings in everything I do. In Jesus name Amen

  26. Amen in Jesus Name. Please l need prayer for financial breakthroughs to start my business and connection to my odder partner. Also may my hiding enemies be expose.
    Thank you Daddy.

  27. Hallelujah!I receive riches and money!Man of God pray for my financial breakthrough and miracle money that I can persue my business. May god bless the works of my hands in Jesus name.Thank you Pastor.

  28. I pray against bitterness and vexation. Lord, take these negative vices from me. Implant in me a cheerful heart.
    I also pray for Divine intervention for miracle money into my account as declared by Pastor Alph Lukau, in Jesus name. Amen

  29. Amen Lord i pray for my bitterness remove if from my heart create a clean pure heart in me.. I receive my riches in jesus name Lord locate me as my pastor intercede for me.. Amen

  30. Morning daddy please pray for my little daughter she’s very sick…I need miracle money please I believe in what ever word you declare for you are really man of God …God is in you daddy

  31. God of all grace …..please I need your miraclenous instantly delivering in my life…. Both wealth and spirit power, long life, good home, rich, and forgiveness of sins….. Because without your forgiveness am nothing for you…….and peace of mind…..and to be a lender not a borrowe …in Jesus almighty name I pray Amen….. Sir I claim your prophecy by the authority of God…. Amen…. Amen… Amen.

  32. Shalom man of God.
    I am Bedoume Edong Baudouin of Cameroon . Please I need pray .
    My requests is that:
    Prayer for explosion of my minister.
    Prayer for stabilisation in my life.
    Prayer for miracle money to take care of mines .
    Be bless man of God.

  33. Prophet please pray for me I need Job a permanent one, restoration upon all areas of my life, healing and financial breakthrough in Jesus Mighty Name

  34. God is the awesome God. All things are possible in Him. I believed in His power. Please pray for me pastor for my financial breakthrough so that I can be of blessings for others in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  35. My prayer request, Mighty Man of God, please pray for my life and for my family, Man of God thank you so much,Through you i come to know my life closer to Jesus,Man of God help me to break my difficult financial breakthrough, and change my story in Jesus name,May i be the one among, 5000 believers recivceing good news followed by instant Miracle,In sweet Jesus Amen Amen

  36. Good morning Papa. Papa, I really need your intervention in every area of my life, I have cried and truly suffered for long. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Before I found you papa, I wished God could just descend from heaven and rescued me. I 100% believe God connected me to you papa. Without any doubt, You a true, humbled, down to earth HIGHLY and FULLY ANOINTED MAN OF God.

  37. Thank you so much my spiritual master.I wish that you should pray for me and my entire family especially my sick and my dad that God in his infinite mercies may have pitty on us and turn our entire lives around for good weather in our finances, marriages, career, health insuring us with long life and prosperity in the mighty name of Jesus.Amen.I know God the alpha and the Omega have been doing it to others through you man of God and I know my own is not going to be an exception.Thank u so much for creating this site for people like me who cannot reach out for you at AMI headquarters but I believe that one I will be there to testify to the whole world.With love from Nucha Oscar yenkong all the way from Cameroon.

  38. I request prayer for financial breakthrough, promotion, growth of business, build my own house, cancellation of debts, being paid by my debtors, win a court case that is going to be held on the 18th February, settlement of my outstanding fees in order to get my certificate, heal my mom of arthritis, my brother Seloka to get a job and my sister Relebohile to get a permanent job as she is currently employed temporary, my sister Mamankoe to get a job, my sister son Mats’ohlo to get help and finance for his ear operation and peace and clam in my marriage.

  39. I believe he the prophecy and need you pray that I receive as you have prophesy. I receive my miracle money. I need you please pray that every prophecy in my life come to past as soon as possible. A turn around in my life, overflow of bleedings that will take me to level that God need me.

  40. Praise God paster,kindly pray together with me for a financial break through and marital stability in Jesus’s mighty name.

  41. pray for me man of God to find a loving life partner who will love my kids and financial breakthrough we need Gods protection prophet of God please intercede on our behalf Golory to be God In Jesus Name l pray Amen

  42. Pastor Alph by faith cone into agreement with me today that SUPERNATURAL God will open up His heaven gates and pour me out a FINANCIAL BLESSING that will blow my mind. And prayer that every door that God has opened in this SEASON that No WEAPON FORMED AGAINST me SHALL not PROSPER HALLELUJAH. And Today FAVOR will CHASE me down EVERY Where I go.

  43. Thank you Lord of glory for giving me a precious and adorable father Pastor Alph Lukau in the name of Jesus. Papa kindly may you pray for me for financial breakthrough, to win the cash I have been playing for at MTC by answering 15 questions daily in order to be selected from the draw. The draw will take place on the 11th of February 2019. I am on fasting for these financial blessing papa for I really need to give my seed of faith to the Lord. Pastor I bless you for your audacity and for being my director, my guider and my light in Jesus name. Please as your daughter in the realm of the spirit, I am hopeless and lost, and only you can save me in Jesus name. Papa help me let God’s heavy rain fall on me, and the desire of my heart be fulfilled. Let the bank restore back the money they took from my account for the loan I do not know in the name of Jesus. The devil is a liar. Papa I am under your voice and I believe and trust in you. Save me papa, please save me. Very soon I shall be there, that I know for sure. in Jesus name.

  44. I need the turnaround now in my life more than ever before. I need to come out of this stagnation. Father! Your word is bankable because You do not lie. Let me receive my miracle job offer, miracle finances and good health. Manifest that which You proclaimed in my life before the end of the fast, Lord Jesus of Nazareth of Galilee. Amen!

  45. financial breakthrough and debtfree,i have been fasting with you and i always follow u on facebook my fasting this year should not be in vain am tired of this my situation i want to help and give but i ve nothing

  46. Pastor can u please pray for me coz I am drowning I sometimes even think of ending my life please pastor alph help me I am really struggling

  47. in Jesus mightly name i receive thank you Lord Amen Jesus papa pray for me shocked miracle money in my life in Jesus mightly name let money enter to my back account by fire by force sm paulus FNB namibian account:62252695914
    branch:282672 Arandis pray on it i need million to my bank account to help other that need help in Jesus mightly name i receive oh Lord Amen Jesus

  48. I need prayer papa. Pls help me .my name is John kodjovi. I m from togo but live in us . Pls help me . J ai besoins du delivrance . Du priere. Please papa . Please help me . J t suivre sur . I need u Holly spiritual. I need u Jesus.

  49. Morning Pastor Alph Lukau & Family, I am received the word you preach. I do believe that our God will never forsake his children. I thank to you Sir for the word every day within this season of fasting & praying. I am so happy to be part of it, I experience it that if we seek the Lord with all our hearts he will hear us even the silence of our heart. Please Pastor, I am humbly request to bless me with a baby girl this year, I am also waiting for the result of my interview for Australia still now didnt receive any updates. Requesting for blessing my parents, siblings, nieces & nephews, my marriage life – my dearly husband and my three boys. Please we all seek our Lord to bless us with the wisdom and courage in Jesus name.

  50. Pastor pray for me to receive miracle money good health and to get marriage and to get through with my paper for my green card for America in jesus mighty name amen

  51. Man of Gid please pray that I get the necessary paper needed to get my passport for both myself and my sons without any problems in Jesus name. And also for the promotion for my son and my husband on their jobs and that seizures will be no more for my other son. And that I get all the good news for my birthday which is Monday 11 Feb. I thank you Papa in Jesus name

  52. Man of God, please pray for me and my family for good health and financial stability. I need money to help my sisters and their children in Uganda. please, Pastor Alph Lukau, I believe in you through the miracles that you performed, I always watched your preaching on TV and the miracles I saw you performing make me believed that you are a real man of God. I need a change in my life and the life of my family members…., pray for us. I ask these in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  53. I receive this prophecy in Jesus name. Papa let me receive this BIG BANK ALET in the name of Jesus. Papa please heal my wife, elder bother, mother and my cousin brother from their sicknesses.

  54. please man of GOD pray for the deliverance of my family husband and my sons and daughter
    in law,financial breakthrough,anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT.
    thank you man of GOD

  55. The prophet of the most high God anointed for defficult matters i know your God will answer, heal and deliver me from any curse or bondage of the devil and my enemies pls this are my prayers requests . lord Jesus pls clear every barriers all in the name of tradition against my marital settlement this year from my spouse side (ekwulobia peoples of anambara state), grant me job settlement, divine restoration of everything the devils has stolen from me and bless me with children, good health long life and prosper me

  56. Pastor please pray for my broken relationship and complete restoration with the father of my baby.everytime I become engaged it ends up no wher. Plz I need prayers

  57. Amen & Amen please Daddy I need supernatural money into my bank account today to pay off my daughters schoolsfees and pay all my debts I don’t sleep @ night because of these debts.

  58. Pray for my Father, people have sayed I will not have child oof my own with my husban, they have cursed me and mocking on me now because they think they have succeeded.Pray for me Daddy I believe on what comes from your lips for the words are from God. Jesus is my Father I will possess what belongs to me in Jesus name.

  59. I recieve through u beautiful Man of God. I love u through Jesus that stengthens me. All that love me with pure and good heart will know the goodness of Jehova Ehlohim, my redeemer, my first love…my redemption, my great love. Jesus.

  60. Pray for my financial breakthrough pastor and for my family to be well so that they know the greatness of God of pastor Alph Lukau

  61. Pastor alph lukau please intercede in your prayers to uproot the root of bitterness that will grow to produce fruits of bitterness and the result is that it will shut the doors of blessings and every good things from God. Let this happen in my life right now. Today I want to enjoy your prophecy of money alert miracles. I would like to have 30 billions dollars in my account to solve my problems. Ijmn. Restoration of my lost years. Thank you father for praying on my behalf. May the almighty increase your anointing

  62. Let your miracle work on my daughter who has depression. Let her husband have miracles money to solve their problems. Especially procesding her passport to travel Sudan to get her treatment. Defeat any forces that should stand against the processing and her travel.

  63. Pastor alph lukau prophecy should locate my son Hytham who needs money badly and looking for a job may the Miracle of Money and prosperity be his portion. Like wise my husband who has been jobless for 35 years. He needs miracles money. Pastor Alph Lukau. C

  64. Prayer for good luck for my family. We have been suffering from setbacks especially from many husband. For me rose Besem Egbe, Hytham tag, georgette Tanyi Egbe, hadeel tag, hiyam tag, Victor ashukem, enow ashukem, Etang ashukem, Esther Rose ashukem.

  65. It is amazing how Pastor Alph seems to know me and what Iam
    experiencing in my life. please pray for me that the root of
    bitterness will not take hold of me .May I be debt free.May my children come to accept Jesus.Grant them success in life.Bless you Pastor,as you have blessed me and mine .Amen and Amen.

  66. Man of God Pastor Alph Lukau Please Pray for me to receive financial breakthrough and continue to bless those can remember me in Jesus Name.

  67. pls.pray for our church foursquare church for Gods provision in our ministry and open doors to someone who will support the church.thank you pstor

  68. I need prayers pastor and I believe it will happen.
    . My brother is not getting a job he has Degree in teaching but now he is using drugs my mother is crying every night praying that one day God will change every bad situation and Chase away every evil spirit. Right now I am at school with no food no money. I am praying for miracles and I believe that things will change

  69. My Papa in Christ I pray for a safe pregnancy of twin girls and a hebrew birth. Plus a huge financial break through. Amem

  70. My Prayer Requests Are; 1,good jobs 4 Me And My Fiance’ 2,open finiancial Doors 3,open International Doors 4,finiancial Breakthrough 5,to Move To A Different House And money To Pay Rentals For The New House

  71. Pray for me man of God for healing and deliverance and above all for my heart – that it may be pure solely for God. “A pure heart creat for me oh Lord put a steadfast spirit within me” I want to love my God and make loved in Jesus name. Amen

  72. Pray for me pastor that my salary will increse for me to have money to fix my home something have yo happen in my life today in jesus name amen

  73. Glory Glory Glory to God, for his unconditional and never ending love upon us. He is the reason why we are still alive and for us we should glorify and praise his name every moment of our lives. Thank you for the word it really cure the bitter I have from my mockers. Pastor I humbly request to pray for my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, my husband and my 3 sons. We have plans for this month and this year as well. During fasting and praying season, I am giving in my requesting for a baby girl this year. Last but not least, I am requesting to give me wisdom and courage. Jesus name

  74. Pastor alph lukau thank you for interceding in our prayers. Lord ineed divine favor of Money and wealth. Specific about 300 billion dollars or euro. For wealth I need companies to generate income. Cars of good qualities. Houses. Plane grant me the wisdom to manage my. possessions ijmn. In addition if I deserve more it left to you to enable me have more.

  75. I pray for wealth and money for my son Hytham too. To own hospitals all over the world. A plane cars, houses, companies, grant him the wisdom for management of his property, possession. Pastor intercede for him.

  76. Pastor alph lukau intercede for my husband prayer to have possession for the first time in his life. Money of any high amount in billions 100,000 billion, wealth. House s. Companies in his field of studies, cars, plane, large land for farming. Wisdom to manage it.

  77. Pastor intercede for prayer for my husband. Have some wealth and money to the family and himself. Management skills. Possessions of land property.

  78. I feel like my life is stack with no job lots of debts still staying with my parents at the age of 34 please pray for me man of GOD

  79. Pastor Alph – Please pray for me on my Job and in the ministry that I am in. I need a miracle. People misunderstand me. I receive the miracle you Pastor Alph, followed By an Instant Miracle (Money and Riches Will Locate me in Jesus Name). Father any root that is not of God I pray that it is taken out so it wont contaminate my life in Jesus Name. I declare and Decree that no root of bitterness or of any kind that is NOT of God springs forth and causes trouble and contamination. I have the mind body and soul of Christ. !! I receive in Jesus Name!

  80. Pastor am in Nigerian from Anambra state…I have an exam am going to write next month which will grant me access to enter the university so i want to to help me intercede on my behalf and speak prophetic words on the Exam(jamb examination)…my aim for the exam is to score 320 and gain admission to read medicine and surgery. Thank u pastor Alph Lukas.

  81. I have been suffering with gum disease. Please pray for me. Please pray for a piece of land me and my brother have been trying to sell since last year, for the ALMIGHTY GOD to bring a good buyer. Amen.

    • The servant of the most high God -Pastor Alpha, please pray for me! I really need the intervention of the Lord in my situation. Sometimes in my dream, I see somebody taking away something good that belongs to me… This has occurred for sometimes now. Again, group of known people appeared in the dream to judge me; and some are from my church. When someone promises me, I get it so easily or at all. I really need your prayers, Daddy. It’s getting extremely extreme and I can no longer hold back.

  82. Man of God please pray for my marriage
    This is long time I don’t know why but I cannot fi
    Find right partner
    My children need prayer too
    My younger son lost control of himself
    I want the Lord to heal him
    I need job

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