10 Things You Need to Know about Alph Lukau Prophetic Salt

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10 Things You Need to Know about Alph Lukau Prophetic Salt

Here in South Africa , Alleluia Ministries International is one of the best churches , let’s talk of Pastor Alph Lukau Great and amazing Prophetic Salt , below are the details.Alph Lukau Prophetic Salt

1. Child Resurrected through the Prophetic Salt in Alleluia Ministries with Alph LUKAU


ONLY 6 days to GO! We are receiving emails and phone calls from men and women travelling from different parts of the world who have dedicated 7 days to come for He Alone Is God!

I decree and I declare; the expectations of the wicked in your life SHALL NOT be met in Jesus’ Name!

 Summary: 10 Things You Need to Know about Alph Lukau Prophetic Salt

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  1. Pastor pls pray for ME, I have been noticing some boil in ME,a friend of mine came to ME.. That we should go and visit his pastor and I went with her, so d pastor told ME that there is an affliction they afflicted ME that people should be saying that I have HIV, and I left without telling d girl what he said that was On Friday and on Sunday, another man of God told ME that he saw my clothe in a native doctors house, that he saw ME Strugling,am on prayer right now and today the spirit of God told ME to use salt and send the affliction back to sender which I did.. At about 7:45 Nigerian time and left foR work, to my greatest suprice I opened my mail and saw pastor Alpha’s declarations for today 16th October it was about prophetic salt and I listen to the video was d lady did to her death child and d baby came back to life, so I now believe that my healing is sure… Thank you Jesus for I am healed ijn Amen

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