These Videos Of Alph Lukau Wife Preaching Will Make Your Day

Here in Alleluia Ministries we have only one first Lady and that is Pastor Alph Lukau’s Wife by name CELESTE LUKAU , checkout some of her latest Videos Preaching at AMI In South Africa is Quite lovely.Alph Lukau Wife Preaching

1. Baby resurrected

2. Morning Glory Service with Bishop Celeste Lukau | Sunday 06/05/2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM

3. Morning Glory Service with Bishop Celeste Lukau | 27/05/2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM

4. Morning Glory Service – Bishop Celeste Lukau| Sunday 23 Sept 2018|AMI LIVESTREAM

5. The Benefits of Covenant | Morning Glory Service | Sunday 25 August 2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM


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  1. Amen I receive man of let the will be done in Jesus mighty name Amen and Amen

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