Pastor Alph Lukau July 2018 | Latest News | Expose | Sermons | Messages

Pastor Alph Lukau Accusations | Expose | Scandals 2018

 Pastor Alph Lukau July 2018 | Latest News | Expose | Sermons | Messages

God SPEAKS and today He changed the lives of men and women who came seeking divine answers from around the world.Pastor Alph Lukau June 2018 | Latest News | Expose | Sermons | Messages

You are a prophet in your house. Decree and Declare; I renounce every covenant I may have entered into with the enemy knowingly or unknowingly.


I cut ties wIth any demonic force that is oppressing my life. My life belongs to Jesus. My family belongs to Jesus. My finances belong to Jesus. My heart belongs to Jesus. Devil remove your dirty hands from my life in the name of Jesus!

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I am PRAYING for our Sunday Services tomorrow in all our AMI worship centres. I am praying for everyone who is trusting God with us, those who will tune in LIVE and for everyone who will travel great distances to come worship God with us.

If there is a man to PRAY, there is a God to ANSWER. Whatever you will come trusting God for, may it manifest. May God give you VICTORY in every battle that you are facing. May He answer you in Jesus’ Name

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  1. I have heard of many fake prophets but seating by my pc using internet to access your prophecies, I am always moved.

    either my emotions or the spirit of God fell on me when a followed your prophecy of a woman who wanted to end her life having written her parting letter to her two kids.

    I love the lord but have done many bad things. I keep coming to the Lord but still keeps going back on him. I want to be loosened from any chain so I can do Gods work. I am called to be a pastor and a teacher of the word but I am claiming the prophetic.

    I am very messed up now and would need divine direction to know what to do one to be saved and be in the kingdom of God and two, so I am qualified and able to do the work of God without guilt but with signs and wonders.

    this may not be the right channel but I want to connect with the man of God and be saved. Please help me to become God’s true instrument in Ghana.

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