APRIL 2022 PRAYER REQUEST – Submit Now !!!

APRIL 2022 PRAYER REQUEST – Submit Now !!!

“Anything that has to do with you – your physical life, emotional life, academic life, financial life, spiritual life or career, that has been tied, be loosed in Jesus’ name!”



John 4:24 says, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth”. The Almighty God is Spirit and therefore must be worshipped in spirit and truth, otherwise, one is merely wasting his or her energy. There must be a deliberate and passionate longing within the spirit and heart of man for God whenever he worships his Creator. God looks beyond the words we speak but focuses more on the depth of our hearts and spirit. If you speak words in prayer and it is not according to the Spirit then it is not according to the truth of God’s Word.

The power of God moves only when the Word and the Spirit unite. God’s power cannot move without the unification of the Word and the Spirit to bring about healing, deliverance, and all of God’s blessings. God’s power working through His Word and His Spirit brings about whatever we desire from God. The Word of God becomes part of us through meditation. Meditating on the Word of God allows our spirit to act for the release of God’s power. The more you meditate on the Word you read, the more your spirit acts upon the Word and when the spirit acts upon the Word, the Word becomes part of you. The Word has not yet become a part of you when your spirit has not yet acted upon it.

People of God, guard your heart because it is the contact point for the Holy Spirit. We have to be on our guard to ensure that we do not lose the battle which is fought in the heart. When you fail in your heart, you fail all. When your heart is a dwelling place for God, it becomes Heaven. Your heart is Heaven if you are a child of God. What you decree now has been decreed in your heart, if you are a child of God. The bank of miracles is in Heaven. Take care of your heart!

Say this prayer: O Holy Spirit, let Your Word abide in me and I in Your Word, that it may renew the attitude of my mind in true righteousness and holiness, thereby making my heart a dwelling place for You. Amen!