My Prophetic Declarations (NEW WEEK) – August 13th 2018 – Pastor Alph Lukau

The Lord has sent me with a prophetic word for you in this season.


“So the last will be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen.” (Matthew 20:16)

You have not been written off, you are not forgotten.

God is able to pick you from the dustbins of man. He is able to pick you from where they had thrown you. He will pick you up and dust you off and seat you with kings. Somebody receive this Word.

Are you fainting in your mind, giving up on a dream, talking yourself out of doing something great? God is saying, “Get your passion back.” Your relatives have paid too great a price, they’ve made too many sacrifices for you to stop where you are.

When you’re tempted to get discouraged, just look up and listen up. All of heaven is cheering for you.


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