Start This Week With Pastor Alph Lukau (August 20th 2018) – Join Us Here

 Start This Week With Pastor Alph Lukau (August 20th 2018) – Join Us Here

The man healed by Jesus in (Matthew 9:32-34) had a problem similar to many today. Spiritually he was bound and physically he was mute. Many people may look well physically but spiritually they are not. They may be in a place of blessing but can never enjoy the blessing. If you win in the spiritual realm you will win in the physical realm. If you deal with “it” up there you will enjoy “it” down here.


This man was also demon possessed (a demon is a fallen angel once given the opportunity to serve God but now serves Satan). But when they cast out the devils that had tormented him, he was healed and no longer mute!

Today you will command that devil to leave your health, to leave your marriage, to leave your finances, to leave your family, to leave your business, to leave your community, to leave your children, to leave your property in the name of Jesus! Somebody shout OUT!

There are dreams you’ve given up on: you want to believe, but it looks so unlikely, nothing says it will ever happen. Stay in faith. You’re going to come into that day where God fills your mouth with laughter. It’s going to seem like a dream. You’re going to think, “Who would have thought I would be where I am: promoted, healthy, out of debt, honoring God, children doing great things?” That’s your Father, giving you His world.