August 31st Morning Devotionals With Pastor Alph Lukau (August 2018 LAST Morning Devotionals)

 August 31st Morning Devotionals With Pastor Alph Lukau (August 2018 LAST Morning Devotionals)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6). Submit your finances to Him, submit your health, submit your family and your career and He (God) will make every crooked way straight. Amen

There was a shorter route that the Israelites may have taken from Egypt to Canaan. However, God chose to lead them through a longer one which had a Sea, a desert, seemed impossible and, generally, was tougher.


To them, God’s choice of their route did not make sense to them, hence, they severely complained to the point of some urging Moses to take them back to Egypt.

This could be the case of some of us today. Our journey to our breakthrough may take a long route and we don’t have an idea why it is the case.

However, the Israelites did not know that God was preserving them because the war that was along the shorter route could have made them return to Egypt as written in Exodus 13:17.

After 40 years of believing in a promise that seemed far fetched, beyond their understanding and impossible they finally reached their promised land.

I want to speak encouragement to someone, right now, who feels like their wait has been long enough. I want you to trust what God allows as well as what He does not allow.

Read Hebrews 12:2: “Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished the race we’re in…”

Am I talking to somebody?


  1. Yes Papa i believed i need the power of God abd breakthrougth in my familyfor God glory that people u did not know our God they will see the power of God in our family

  2. Amen I receive Im like the Isaelites waiting upon the Lord for my thingsor life and our ministry to move. But Im waiting in prayer for I know I have shifted, moved and walking in elevation after the SHIFT CONFERENCE. I believe inGod of Ps. A.Lukau that as August ends my story has changed for the best.

  3. Amen….I received my message Pastor…I know I have been waiting for so long in the restoration of my marriage….I know it’s time now for me to see the wonders of God in the lifes of my husband….

  4. Amen I receive my messages pastor, heal my kid’s and my family, change my story and restored our life.. Bring back my brother home today may God touch his heart destroy any connection off witchcraft that make him not to think at mummy and home bless him, break that evil York and let him come.. In Jesus name I cries and pray I believe my brother will come home.. Amen

  5. I thank God for knowing my life has never been the same again,but it will only be complete when I come South Africa to learn under your ministry to become a servant of God I just want to grow under your ministry and start AMI I’m Sierra Leone Man of from the day I watch you on utube there is urgent to pray more and to learn from you I want small of your anionting .I thank God for you everyday.

  6. My father,my father,my life has been in a mess,nothing been moving,my life has been put in a cage ,no marriage,no job or bussiness,l am just a nobody,no money,no house life just blocked .l am asking tge of Pastor Alph Lukau to move me out fom nobody to somebody .Jesus l trust in You.

  7. My dream company is Karma_darose_Karma to be known internationally one day for my hidden hard work all around the globe and for the planet. To create my options in cybersecurity upgrades and online IBM training and AI certificates in AI Computers & Quantum Computers in networking more securely and Microsoft cloud can import any of my past data in my cyber theft incident accounts that have been created for cybercrime as in my own time and online training and online courses to be started in 2019 Quantum Computers certificate completed in 2020. My love for computer technology to further my own business in Canada and expand in the globe and to be able to invest and partnership in GoldCorp and around the world investing Solar Power Storage & farm options a dream of mine involving gold and my research in gold involving AI Computers and gold data. To open Solar Power options and moving forward in AI technology in Canada.

  8. Amen, obvious i found you through YouTube channel since a find you there i say thanks Awesome God for your servant, through you i see GOD and even Tanzania we need you if possible man of God please spent even two day to us

  9. Thanks pastor Alph Lukau so much that is in my case but I know God is preparing me for another level and with your prayers for some of us that don’t understand what God is trying to do for us can be difficult for us but with your lessons we will now understand so thanks so much pastor for been there for us.

  10. I connect papa i have been waiting for so long and I say enough is enough there is so much stagnation in my family no jobs no financial breaking through accusations from no where I want GOD to have his way please man of GOD pray for us

  11. That my sermon, been waiting for my husband to change na d come back to us,pastor speak! I believe my martige is not over, talk to my husband and may He locate us in Jesus name, I pray

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