Before You Go To Bed !!! – Click Here (Last Message For Today) – August 31st 2018

 Before You Go To Bed !!! – Click Here (Last Message For Today) – August 31st 2018

I have been praying for you, not that a few may get their miracles not for the majority to receive their miracles, but EVERYONE who is under the sound of my voice who has FAITH. Am I speaking to someone ready to give a testimony!


I prophesy over you. May you see the GLORY of God today (John 5). Once you see the glory you will testify, your demotion will be a promotion, what was closed opens up. In your finances, in your health it shall open up! May God change your story, may He give you a new song to sing and answer your cry. May you RECEIVE it and so shall it be.

Take these prayer points and SHOUT LIKE FIREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Father Lord, let your angel from above guide and surround me in my sleep tonight, in the name of Jesus.

Let the blood of Jesus be at my doorpost, window and my gate against any demonic visit tonight, in the name of Jesus.

Blood of Jesus cover me from satanic torments, in Jesus name.


  1. Thank you Jesus thank you my prophet Alph ,i recive todays prophecy in mighty Jesus name ,Oh Lord its hard for me to fine my way help me to come out of my trouble in Jesus mighty name Amen

  2. Amen Daddy plz pray that God will open door for me that i will not fail my destiny.I need your blessing through your pray papa

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