November 1 2020 – Benny Hinn Live Service (Join Us Now)


November 1 2020 – Benny Hinn Live Service (Join Us Now)

Don’t allow the enemy to lie to you thinking if it hasn’t happened yet then it never will or that you’re not worthy of receiving all that God has for you.


If God said it, then you can count on it coming to pass. Truth is, God doesn’t miss, not now or ever. What’s important is making sure that you’re in the right position to receive what you’ve been waiting for.

Understand that our environment can delay a thing because blessings birthed in the wrong rooms can stunt growth. Sometimes we need to walk away from the crowd and get closer to Jesus in order to receive key instruction on how not to mismanage our miracles.

Timing is never an issue because God is always on time and He won’t miss the mark 🎯. Be open and available to Him and watch how He accelerate things on your behalf.


  1. Hallelujah!!,our God is an awesome,and great holy one.Who does great and awesome things through elected servants,the Elisha of our generation.God bless and keep you far from the evil desires of the enemies.

  2. I believe in Jesus mighty name and I want you to help me please I need your help pray for me in my ministry in marital status things are not going well.

  3. When you have no best alternative to your PROPHET or PASTOR or even as PROPHET or PASTORS just like the prophets of baal claimed to be the best before elijah demolished them the most available alternative becomes your greatest alternative that’s the problem of people who claim to know GOD & JESUS CHRIST in this generation and they remain blind to unbelevable truth and REVELATION&claim all sorts about Knowing GOD & JesusCHRIST &even sleep on same bed with them same as they did claim to know GOD more than JESUSCHRIST when JESUS CHRIST came before at Bible time and came again even when they have never seen spiritualy who is supposedly leading THEM to Spiritual JESUSCHRIST which is your right to see if the light of JESUSCHRIST dwell where you can some someone lead you to spiritual JESUS CHRIST and you have never GENUINELY seen the person spiritualy?your prayer point should be Show me spiritualy who is leading me?

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