These are My Privates Jet , Cars , Mansions – Blessed Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

 These are My Privates Jet , Cars , Mansions – Blessed Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

When you are blessed by God , It will Manifest in All angels , checkout how our beloved pastor is blessed by God Day and Night.

Here is a gallery and Compilation of Fabulous lifestyle of Pastor Alph Lukau , share this page with your friends and tap your blessings by shouting “I RECEIVE” , use the comment box below to send out your prayer request.



 Reviews : These are My Privates Jet , Cars , Mansions – Blessed Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

  • – Humility is not a weakness. Humility is power under control.

– Today I am taking time aside to pray for you. Please tell me what I should tell GOD on your behalf. (something has to change in your life in Jesus name).

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  1. I am doing 21days of alleluia Ministries International being streamed in my home day and night non stop. I receive my miracles in Jesus name
    I got my house and upgrade my car, a new job is mine in Jesus Name.

  2. I tap in your annointing as I ask u to help me pray over my spiritual strength,my financial breakthrough,my visas,my job,my family,in the Almighty name of Jesus 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Please Pastor man of God pray for my and my families, i trusted you and always follow you on youtube.

    Thank you man of God..

    My name is Stephanie Mahit from Vanuatu

  4. Hello Man of God! I just connected with your ministry and i am so hoping to come to South Africa one day to be in one of your services. I am so happy to connect with a true man of God I felt the peace to connect and followed you. I now stayed up on Sundays to watch all three services live on Facebook and hope to meet u some day. Please pray for me I am save and love God but at the moment I am fighting principles and powers in high places and my body is coming under attack. I have no medical history and I am not feeling well. The doctors cant find nothing wrong with me so I know it is spiritual. I have dreams and visions of needles send to stick me in my belly. I saw needles in vision inject me in my stomach. I am having discomfort in my belly like a snake like spirit causing me discomfort and make me sad and I am a happy person and want to send me into isolation and depression. I need your help in prayers as I am taking myself through deliverance as well through the power of the HolyGhost that is in me. I am not living in sin and don’t believe a a born again believer can be possessed but I am feeling ver oppressed. I have Ben divorce since 2006 and I have never date or court since then and also believing God to locate my destiny help mate Boaz who love and sold out to God. I am scared to open up to men because I was in a bad relationship . More than anything tho I need this object in my stomach to leave me so I can focus more on what God destined for my life. I would really like to come to your church but at the moment I am having financial hardship. I live in Pennsylvania USA. For now speak the word I I will receive my healing and I will fly when God open the door to testify in one of your service. Mon of God please locate me I am desperate. The Lord knows who I am am and will show u my life struggles also in ministry. I have a good heart and mind is made up to serve God but I need a higher dimension authority to help me at this time. My number is 267-262-3906 if the Lord leads. I am desperate! Thanks for your prayers in advance 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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