These are My Privates Jet , Cars , Mansions – Blessed Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

 These are My Privates Jet , Cars , Mansions – Blessed Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

When you are blessed by God , It will Manifest in All angels , checkout how our beloved pastor is blessed by God Day and Night.

Here is a gallery and Compilation of Fabulous lifestyle of Pastor Alph Lukau , share this page with your friends and tap your blessings by shouting “I RECEIVE” , use the comment box below to send out your prayer request.


 Reviews : These are My Privates Jet , Cars , Mansions – Blessed Pastor Alph Lukau (Full Pictures)

– Humility is not a weakness. Humility is power under control.

– Today I am taking time aside to pray for you. Please tell me what I should tell GOD on your behalf. (something has to change in your life in Jesus name).


  1. Please pray for me that i will be blessed with good health, new life spiritual blessing,good job, good marriages and to bless me with financial blessing as i need to support my big family.

  2. I want to be a millions.his it possible I m evg Edociana.Monica raj. Serving god.2004.
    I need to start my ndia I m people.r suffering due to prays
    Money pooreti.nobody prays for popes.i no u r right man.of god.Amen

    • Please man of God pray for me to be delivered from a spiritual husband that has been sleeping with me and blocking my life,nothing is moving in my life.pray for my son he drinks a lot,smokes a lot and him also nothing is moving his name is Lionel,pray for my daughter Gwendolyn has severe period pains and to increase at her work.pray for my boyfriend lewis Nkala nothing is moving,he works but no pay ,he is doing marketing but nothing its coming out of it.please son of David have mercy upon me and my family.pray for my mother Gladys suffering from her back,and my father who drinks alcoholwomanising.

  3. Pray for my sister in law who need hea!ing urgently, to open my own business, financial difficulties, salvation for love ones, healing for my family and I.

  4. my name is lesley. i am from suriname. a neighbourhood country of brasil. pastor, pray for my ministry and also to do 24 hours prayer services and my financial life. pray for a building for my ministry . the name of the building is flamboyant park. Thank you MOG. i am a watching you day and night on youtube. i am your son in Suriname. pray for me pastor; i want to show these people that only JESUS is God and their savior, but my life must be a testimony also financially.

  5. I believe in the profetic, I am an Apostolic. I am A. M. I. From Nigeria. God has revealed so about me through the profetic word, please Pastor i want you to pray that God should hold my hand and lead me to where He has destined me to be in life because i can’t live a day without His grace.
    God shout bless me with the double potion of your anointing and make me a blessing to my generation.
    God should protect me from the enemies of my fathers house and enlarge my coast for the sake of His kingdom
    God should grant me favor and success in my marriage, career and business in Jesus name

  6. Would you please pray for me
    I work in a restaurant and they treat me like I am a nobody,but I know I have applied for jobs in many companies without any success,please pray for me so can get a better job,
    But what I wish most is to be a police woman. thanks

  7. I pray for God favor in my life and my family. I ask for spiritual breakthrough, financial breakthrough. Physical breakthrough, to be free from Arthritis pain. May God of Abraham and and God of Alph Lukau remember me and my family in Jesus name Amen

  8. Hi,Please pray for my child and l.we are submitting some documents for college and something is always wrong or delayed am doing so from last November and still can’t finish. Thank you

  9. I get motivated every time I watch pastor Ralph lukau services I feel like am super blessed & may the good GOD almighty bless him all the times & would love to attend one of his services one-day in south Africa

  10. Man of God,I have only four payer requests that require your grace;
    1. Healing from all diseases.
    2. Employment (been unemployed for over two years now.
    3. Marriage (the only daughter who isn’t married.
    4. Family deliverance and breakthrough in Jesus name.

  11. I am blessed to have you my father in my life. My prayer requests are as flws: 1. Financial freedom 2.Divine healing 3. And Prosperity

  12. hello man of God.can you pray for miracle money to pay out all my debts please.and miracles healing over my children and my family.
    Thanks so much.

  13. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau, I would dearly love to see my son Wesley Smith break free and start to fly Commercial Planes. He is a pilot and has a pilots licence but due to finance it is very difficult. Every day without fail he is on his laptop with his simulator this has been going on for many years but he is a good son to me and I want to see him succeed in getting the desires of his heart. Please help me to help him. May God’s miracle turn his life around in Jesus Name Amen. Thank you

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