How To Contact Apostle Joshua Selman – Phone Number , Email.

The Contact details of Apostle Joshua Selman will be shared below , note that you can always use the Phone Number , Email to get connected to him.

Due to his busy schedules , note that you cannot always reach you , your phone calls might be picked by his PA or Man in-charge of Protocols.Apostle Joshua Selman Contact


There are many people online who claims to be Apostle Joshua Selman , please don’t listen to any of them , The man of God is not on any social media network.

How To Contact Apostle Selman – Phone Number , Email.

Note that to contact him , you need to call when the departments incharge are less free , your phone calls will be picked and treated with care.

If you where not able to get Apostle Joshua Selman through Phone Calls , you can send him an email or a text message , i think that one will work fast.

What is Apostle Joshua Selman's Phone Number.

Apostle Joshua Selman Phone Number

This Official Phone Number of Apostle Joshua Selman is 0814 721 4444.

What is Apostle Joshua Selman's Email Address.

Apostle Joshua Selman Email Address

The Official email of Apostle Joshua Selman is

How To Contact Apostle Joshua Selman.

Contact Apostle Joshua Selman

To contact Apostle Joshua Selman , please use the details above.


  1. My name is Richard Huff I live in Guymon Oklahoma USA I work at a slaughterhouse where people including an African Warlock have been doing sacrifice regularly I’ve been feeling severe cutting stabbing and stinging sensation today pray that these spirits that don’t desire to let this place go fall and fail very quickly and that our Heavenly Father’s glory shine here

  2. My name is Evangelist Edwin F. Brown and I am seeking to find out if Apostle Joshua Selman has a ministry location here in the United States along with possible U.S. phone number that I could call, my goal is to become a part of his ministry. I would be willing to visit the ministry location in Africa if I could get help with accommodations & transportation to your place of worship? My phone number is 916-508-4778, I reside in Sacramento, California 95834.

    I am recently married and my wife Mercy Brown is a resident of Uganda, Africa, she lives in the city of Kampala, her phone # is: 011 256 774 135830
    I would do anything to become a part of the ministry, also be willing to relocate there. I was so blessed by the teaching “What To Do When You Are Behind In Your Destiny. I am a U.S. Military Veteran and am desperate for
    help to receive the impartation from God to be released into successful ministry.

  3. Good day sir please come. To the rescue of my family . Four girls yet no suitors . I am 31 yet no relationship . I need my to settle this 2021 and sickness healed . Thanks for your anticipating on your favourable replied . God. Less you sir

  4. Our Father has been a blessing to me and the Lord has truly shown to me that distance is never a barrier. I love you so much Daddy and wishing to see you in Ghana and even praying to come to Nigeria.

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