10 Shocking Facts About Corona Virus In Nigeria – (March 30th 2020)

Corona Virus In Nigeria
Corona Virus In Nigeria

10 Shocking Facts About Corona Virus In Nigeria – (March 30th 2020)

Below are the Top Shocking Facts About the COVID-19 Disease in Nigeria Today , as shared by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

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Corona Virus In Nigeria
Corona Virus In Nigeria


1. On the 29th of March 2020, Fourteen (14) new confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded in Nigeria

2. Till date, One hundred and eleven (111) cases have been confirmed, three cases have been discharged and one death from COVID-19 recorded in Nigeria

3. Of the Fourteen(14) new cases reported on the 29th of March, Five(5) are in FCT and Nine (9) are in Lagos.

4. All new cases have mild to moderate symptoms and are currently receiving care.

5.  A multi-sectoral national emergency operations centre (EOC), activated at level 3, continues to coordinate the national response activities

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  1. Praise God for the victories He will do abundantly and exceeding above what we ask or think. Continue to pray Papa, and pray for me and my family too.

  2. Pastor Alph Lukau, pray for my family and me. State of Indiana, where we live in lockdown. We remain home until coronavirus crisis contains. We are running out of food and ask the Lord to provide assistance in few days. Amen.

  3. Shalom! All over the world are in fear of what’s going one whit our children ,I can feel the fear of people ,confusion and poverty also I know Alph Lukau your God because I have this ocasion to feel it ,I trust your God so please learn us what we can do to smash this battle with your God we win.God of Alph Lukau please help I am also in risk categorie of people (one kidney),one dauther with one bacteria( golden stafilococ),my husband is stuck in Pakistan, my job also is in risk but always when I am thinking at your God ,because of course I belong to this mental colective , I felt something in my harth very strange to express like fire and I feel protected.Thank you, Amen

  4. Papa on the 31st Dec 2018, I sent £400 pounds sterlings -to alleluia ministries international
    for the AL Partners but you didn’t receive it . The bank did the transfer but fails to mention AL Partners. That money is sitting in the AMI Account.
    Last year Dec.2019 when I arrived in Jo’ bourg for the IVP ; I visited the bank and they gave me every single details about that transaction.
    Someone was very negletful from the bank here in London and AMI account section took it to their advantantage to keep silent.
    The whole amount was 7.000 S.A rands I was told. I Have all documents but
    I don’t know who will hear me out. for this reason I’m very careful not to repeat the same mistakes but rather wait and make another disaster.

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