Daily Affirmations & Prayers – (LIVE 10)

Don’t just deal with the symptom; get to the root. Learn to live from a place of faith. “God, I trust You. I know You’re in control. You’re fighting my battles; You’re ordering my steps. You have a good plan for my life. You’re my provider, my protector, my way-maker, my vindicator, my deliverer. God, my life is in Your hands.” That’s how you keep your soul healthy. On a regular basis, you have to pull up roots, get rid of toxins, guard your heart.

Why are you letting that worry take root, losing sleep, living stressed out? You’ve seen God take care of you in the past. You’ve seen Him make ways where you didn’t see a way. You’ve seen Him provide in a pandemic, give you peace in a storm, favor in the fire. He did it back then; He’s going to do it again. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you. Why are you holding on to that guilt, beating yourself up over past mistakes? God has forgiven you; why don’t you forgive yourself? God doesn’t remember it; why don’t you quit remembering it? God has moved on; why don’t you move on?


Your soul may feel broken, wounded, hurt from mistakes you’ve made or from what someone else did. But your soul can be restored. When you get honest with yourself and you release what you need to release—guilt, worry, anger, jealousy—then healing will come. Joy will come. Peace will come. I believe even now, God is restoring souls. Emotional healing is taking place. Healing from the hurts, the pains of the past, what wasn’t fair, the loss, the heartache. Healing from self-inflicted wounds, mistakes we’ve made, regrets we’re living in. Healing from tormenting spirits, from mental illness, from anxiety, depression. God is doing a new thing. Forces that have held you back are being broken. You’re not to live wounded. He’s restoring your soul. Your latter days are going to be better than your former days. You’re about to step into a new level of joy, peace, fulfilment, abundance, victory. Don’t believe those lies that it’s too late, you’ve made too many mistakes, you’ve been through too much. No, the best part of your life is still in front of you.

Hebrews says, “Make sure that no root of bitterness springs forth and defiles you.” It describes bitterness as a root. A root is underground. You can’t see it, but if you let it grow, it’s going to spring forth. A bitter root will produce bitter fruit. What’s on the inside is going to show up on the outside. We try to fix the fruit. We deal with the symptom, but the fruit is not the real problem. We need to go to the source and get rid of the root. Proverbs says, “Guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life.” One of our main responsibilities is to keep the toxins out. Keep those roots from springing up. Offenses are going to come. Cranky coworkers will come. Disappointments, hurts, jealousy, anger will come. You can’t stop it from coming. The question is are you going to let it take root, get down in your spirit, contaminate your joy, steal your peace, take your energy, open you up to sickness, trouble, defeat? No, keep your soul healthy.

Don’t discount yourself. Don’t look at all the reasons why you can’t be successful, why you can’t lead your company, why you can’t purchase a home, why you can’t get well. On your own, it may not happen, but you’re not on your own. There is a blessing on your life put there by the Creator of the Universe. This blessing is not natural; it’s supernatural. It will cause things to happen that you couldn’t make happen. It will cause opportunity to find you. Good breaks will chase you down: promotion, healing, vindication, the right people. You won’t have to go after it; the blessing will cause it to come to you.