Daily Affirmations & Prayers – (LIVE 4)

People may not recognize you yet: your boss doesn’t give you credit, relatives discount you and think you don’t have much to offer. You may be overlooked now, but the time is coming when you’re going to be noticed. People are going to recognize your value, your gifts, your talents. God is going to cause you to stand out. You’re going to go from being unnoticed to being in charge, from being not recognized to being the favorite. You couldn’t have made it happen on your own. That’s God’s blessing on your life.

Victory starts in your thinking. As long as you feel like a victim, it’s going to limit your destiny. You won’t pray bold prayers, you won’t believe for big dreams, you won’t expect God’s favor. No matter what’s happened in your past, no matter how many generations there’s been dysfunction, abuse, lack, struggle, you’re the generation that’s going to set a new standard. You’re the one that’s going to see this shift in your thinking. “We’re not slaves. Were not victims, limited, at a disadvantage. We are children of the Most High God.”


We all face situations where it seems like the door is shut. We’re working hard but not getting good breaks, the loan didn’t go through, we still haven’t met anyone. Thoughts will tell you, “That door is never going to open. You can’t accomplish your dreams. You don’t have the training. You’re locked out.” Sometimes it’s like a door has slammed in our face: a person walked away, a friend betrayed us, we came down with an illness. The door looks permanently locked. It’s dead bolted; it’s got a chain. But the Scripture says, “God will open doors that no person can shut.” God is your doorkeeper. He’s in control of the doors in your life.

If you’re going to see what God promised you come to pass, the Scripture says, “Don’t faint in your mind.” The first place we lose the battle is in our thinking. Thoughts will tell you, “Nothing happened when you prayed. You’ll never get well. You’ll never break the addiction. You’ve been struggling for years.” Don’t believe those lies. The roots have been cut off. It’s just a matter of time before you see things change in your favor. What’s trying to stop you is temporary.

When someone hurts you, does you wrong, if you keep thinking about it, then you’re letting them continue to hurt you. Don’t give them your power. You have to let it go. Give it to God. He saw what they did. He saw your tears, your heartache. He has beauty for those ashes. But here’s the key: you have to let go of the ashes before you can see the beauty. It’s an exchange.