Daily Affirmations & Prayers – (LIVE 7)

You’re part of the bigger plan. God is using you not only to fulfill your purpose, but to bring about His purpose in others. That’s why you shouldn’t fight everything you don’t like, live upset over the betrayal, bitter over that door that closed, frustrated because the dream hasn’t come to pass. God knows what He’s doing. We’re not going to understand it all right now. We can only see a small part of His plan. He’s looking ahead four hundred years. You can be confident that His plans for you are for good. They may not look good at the time, but if you’ll stay in faith, you’ll see what God is up to. You’ll come into these moments of favor that catapult you ahead.

You don’t know what God is up to. It looks like a setback, but really, it’s setting you up. It’s positioning you for new levels of your destiny. David said, “God, I trust You. My future is in Your hands.” Quit worrying about tomorrow. Your future is in God’s hands. It’s already been set. What God has purposed will come to pass. He’s already lined up the right people, solutions to problems. What you’re worried about, He’s already worked out. It’s a part of His divine plan. Why don’t you come back to a place of peace, a place of faith. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you now. What He started, He will finish.


You don’t have to fight those battles. Don’t try to do it in your own strength. You have a defender. Stand still and you will see the deliverance of the Lord. It’s because the blessing is stronger than the curse. The people you’re up against, the circumstances may seem bigger, more powerful, more influential. The cancer, the addiction are intimidating. Stay in peace. The blessing on you is greater than what’s trying to stop you.

Some of you have come from generations of abuse, mistreatment, things that were not fair. That victim mentality can be passed from generation to generation. Yes, there was injustice in the past. Yes, there were things that were not fair, but this is a new day. The reason you’re reading this is because you’re the one to break the cycle. You’re the one to say, “I am not a victim. I am a victor. I’m going to set a new standard, I’m going to believe for better things, I’m going to live whole, free, expecting favor.”

Who are you listening to? What God says about you: that your latter days will be better than your former days, that your children are mighty in the land, that what you touch prospers and succeeds? Or what the enemy is whispering, “It’s never going to get better, nothing good is in store, it’s too late, you’ve made too many mistakes.” Pay attention to what you’re giving your attention to, who you’re allowing to influence you. When those thoughts come, telling you what you can’t do—doubt, insecurity, lack, not enough—you have to consider the source. Where are those thoughts coming from? That’s the enemy. He’s been lying since the Garden of Eden. Don’t let him in your ear. Don’t let him convince you to believe things that contradict what God says.