Daily Affirmations & Prayers – (LIVE 8)

If you’re going to overflow with hope, you can’t consider all the circumstances. If you stay focused on how big the problem is and what the experts said and how impossible it looks, you’re going to be discouraged. Quit considering the circumstances and start considering your God. He spoke worlds into existence. He parted Red Seas. He closed the mouths of hungry lions.

Some of the things you’re worrying about God has already done. You haven’t seen it, but in the unseen realm, things have changed. That anxiety that you’ve been praying about, asking God to take away, it’s already dead. That trouble at work, God has already cut off the source. Now, do your part and stay in faith till it manifests. Keep thanking God, keep talking like you’re free, keep thinking like you’re healthy, keep acting like you’re victorious.


If you allow negative voices to continue, “You can’t do it, it’s too big, you’ll never get well.” Those wrong voices will keep you from your destiny. There are dream stealers, people that will tell you all the reasons it’s not going to happen. But there are also dream releasers, people that will fuel your faith, people that will tell you, “You’re well able, you have what it takes, the favor of God is on your life.” Who’s in your ear: dream stealers or dream releasers? Tune out all the negative, naysayers, never work out. Get around people that speak faith, speak abundance, speak victory. People that ignite your dreams, that lift you, encourage you, build you up.

Psalm 119 says, “Lord, give me a discerning mind.” It’s important to discern, “Is this a good voice, is this a positive influence, is their advice something I should take?” There can be many different opinions, even things that on the surface seem right and look like good suggestions, require you to ask God for discernment. Because every good thing is not a God thing. Every piece of advice is not for you. They can be good people, with good intentions, but what they’re telling you may not be God’s plan for your life.

Who’s in your ear? Who are you taking advice from? Are they moving you forward, helping you to grow and step into your purpose or are they causing you to compromise, live upset, make poor decisions? Those are the wrong voices. Learn to tune them out. You don’t have time to waste being distracted, deceived, manipulated. If you’ll get rid of the wrong voices, the right voices will show up. Every morning, we should pray, “Lord, give me a discerning mind. Help me to see beyond the surface, to make decisions that honor You.”