Daily Affirmations & Prayers – (LIVE 9)

When Jesus died, we came out from under the old covenant into a better covenant. In the new covenant, we don’t have to go to people to see what God says. The Holy Spirit lives on the inside of each one of us. He’s called your counselor, your guide, your advisor. He’ll give you advice. He’ll help you make the right choices. It’s not that God is not speaking to us; it’s that we’re too busy listening to others. You have to get rid of the wrong voices, then you’ll hear the right voices.

God has already lined up the people you need for the new thing. Stay open. It may not happen the way you’re expecting, but can I encourage you: God’s way will be better, bigger, more rewarding, more fulfilling. Don’t limit what you’ve seen in the past to what God is going to do in your future. God never does His greatest feats in your yesterdays; they are always in your tomorrows.


In Luke 5, Jesus borrowed Peter’s boat to teach the people from the shore. When He finished, He told Peter to launch out into the deep and he would catch a great haul of fish. Peter had fished all night but he went back out and tried it again. He caught so many fish that his net began to break. Verse 7 says, “Peter shouted for help and his partners came. Soon both boats were so loaded with fish, they were concerned they were going to sink.” Peter was blessed because he obeyed. Because he obeyed, he had favor. But notice, the favor didn’t stop with him. He had so many fish that his partners, those that were connected to him, they received the overflow. When you’re connected to someone that’s blessed, someone that’s favored, as they increase, you will increase.

Some of the new things God is going to do in your life are not going to be what you’re expecting. He’s going to do it a different way, with different people, in different circumstances. Stay open. Could it be that God is doing a new thing now and you don’t perceive it? He’s opening a door, but you don’t want to go through it, it’s not what you thought it would look like. He’s bringing people across your path that are divine connections, but they’re not what you were expecting. Don’t get set in your ways. The new thing may not look like what you had in mind.

It’s very freeing when you can celebrate people ahead of you, knowing that the seeds you sow into them—the honor, the respect, the resources—are going to come back to you. If you’re only sowing into horizontal relationships, people at your same level, then you’re going see horizontal favor. But when you’re secure enough in who you are to recognize the favor on people’s lives and you sow into vertical relationships, people that are ahead of you, then you’re going to reap some of that vertical favor.