Daily Prayers For Open Doors , Financial Breakthrough and Forgiveness – Pastor Alph Lukau

 Daily Prayers For Open Doors , Financial Breakthrough and Forgiveness – Pastor Alph Lukau

– I am praying for you – be strong and expect a turn around miracle to manifest in your life in this season in Jesus name.

– This is your Year of Grace and favor. Whatever did not work before will start working in Jesus name. I declare a turn around Miracle in your life.


– GOD sent me to declare a turn around miracle in your life – Your mockers are about to become your admires – receive it NOW in Jesus name

 Reviews : Daily Prayers For Open Doors , Financial Breakthrough and Forgiveness – Pastor Alph Lukau

The Lord rises up to help me because of His unfailing love. Psalm 44:26

By God’s power, I push back and trample my enemies. Psalm 44:5

I am the chosen servant of the Lord. He does not throw me away. Isaiah 41:9

I am strengthened by the mighty, victorious arm of the Lord. Because He is with me I remain fearless and courageous. Isaiah 41:10

Almighty, victorious God causes my enemies to be confused and humiliated. Isaiah 41:11-12

The Lord, my Redeemer, helps me and I will not be afraid. Isaiah 41:14

My thirst for ______ is quenched by Almighty God. He is the fountain of living water in my valley, the pool of water in my desert. Isaiah 41:18

The Lord who made me helps me, because I am his chosen one. Isaiah 44:2

God has poured out His Holy Spirit on my children and their descendants. He sustains them and causes them to thrive. Isaiah 44:3-4

The price for my freedom has been paid by the blood of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 44:22


  1. Pastor Lukau God continually bless and keep you. I watch your miracles and sermons all the way from Kenya. I believe you are a man of God. I am praying for a breakthrough in my business. I receive it in Jesus name. I live in Kenya but am coming to South Africa to see you and attend your service. God bless you man of God you are an inspiration to me and many.

  2. My man is GIDEONJONAS I would like Paster to help me finacialy. I need your prayers as I’m struggling financially I need money Please man of God

  3. Please pastor locate and facilitate a miracle in my life, am struggling financially, I have debts, pray for me so that debts can be cleared, let miracle money rain in my life so that I become rich, I have grown in poverty enough is enough in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

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