Daily Prayers For Forgiveness Of Sins And Spiritual Deliverance – Pastor Alph Lukau

 Daily Prayers For Forgiveness Of Sins And Spiritual Deliverance – Pastor Alph Lukau

Even while I encourage you to pray this prayer, I caution you that saying words alone will not save you. Prayer doesn’t save. Only Christ can save. But prayer can be a means of reaching out to the Lord in true saving faith. If you pray these words in faith, Christ will save you. You can be sure of thatDaily Prayers For Forgiveness Of Sins And Spiritual Deliverance - Pastor Alph Lukau

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 Prayers For Forgiveness Of Sins


Lord Jesus, for too long I’ve kept you out of my life. I know that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. No longer will I close the door when I hear you knocking. By faith I gratefully receive your gift of salvation. I am ready to trust you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for coming to earth. I believe you are the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead on the third day. Thank you for bearing my sins and giving me the gift of eternal life. I believe your words are true. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and be my Savior. Amen.

For Deliverance 

  • Dear God, I am a sinner and I know that I have broken many of Your laws. Forgive me I pray, I did not realise how sin separated me from You – but I do now and I am so sorry that I have been so sinful and rebellious towards You.

  • Thank You for sending Jesus to die for my sins and for taking the punishment that I justly deserve.

  • Thank You that Jesus delivered me from the punishment I deserve and thank You that He rose again which means that He has broken the power of sin and death in my life – so that I too may not face eternal separation from You but live with You in heaven – forever.

Thank You Lord that You have given this to me as a free gift of Your grace and all You asked of me was simply to believe that You died for my sins. I am overwhelmed to realise how much You love me – enough to die for me. Thank You for delivering me from sin and saving me – Thank You with all my heart. Help me not sin any more but to live a life that is pleasing to You – Thank You in Jesus name


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  1. Amen Man of God we receive the word and make this our daily supplication to the Lord . Wean us away from our wicked ways that we may stand blameless in your presence as your strength is perfected in our weakness, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    • Dear Pastor Alph Lukau….My husband and lives in London and we watch your christian programs on YouTube. We really enjoy your services and would like u to pray for us to get closer to god and to be more serious with our christian life.


    • Amen AND AMEN’ je reçois cette prière comme un cadeau de mon DIEU en ce jour au Nom de Mon Seigneur et Sauveur, JEsus Christ de Nazareth

  2. Hello Man of God
    I greatly need your help. My situation is not good. I am completely in dilemma now. Worry is robbing my happiness. I don’t have the peace of the mind. I have a story tell Man of God

  3. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau….My husband and lives in London and we watch your christian programs on YouTube. We really enjoy your services and would like u to pray for us to get closer to god and to be more serious with our christian life.

  4. Man of God you are a real of god continues doing the work of God God bless you I need a word man of I enjoy watching your program

  5. Lord hear me. I have been through emotional, mental, physical and spiritual abuse. Please hear my cry I need to to give me victory. I need a suddenly. I am trusting you to bring me out of this. Push back my mockers and bring forth your fire. In Jesus Name.

  6. To Pastor Alph Lukau.
    My prayer request for all my Starr-Goforth family in Canada Audrey her full restoration of her health,new home and new vehicle, & financial blessings, my two brothers my prayer for both to learn to be musicians and to sing for the lord with their children. RJ Starr-Goforth for his daughter’s security to be in Jesus’s hands always and all his desires to be fullfilled he is a natural born leader and very outspoken to the police they stalk my brothers I pray the police find closure in Regina. To pray for my youngest brother JJ to find his wife and to get married and to further his studies in what it is he wants to become to be a successful young father of three and for his rib to truly find true love & both of my brothers to be established in the house of the lord and praying them both into church to all their finances to be blessed upon each and every one of them and a prayer of blessings in homes and vehicles to family restoration and for my two oldest sisters Shannon & Sharla for their dreams & both heart’s desires to all come true in a financial miracle for all of them to realize the power of the holyghost never dies and never ends & for deliverances in all. I pray for my financial miracle to happen in Regina,Sk Canada regarding ABSA bank in South Africa in all in God’s timing to be financially secure to take care of all of my family before I pray to relocate in Toronto my dream city in art & fashion & for love to finally begin in my life. A prayer request for my dream business Karma_darose_Karma to begin work globally and to bloom in this world as a business woman and to be remembered for the good in my life I’ve achieved and as a humanitarian to advocate for others globally in human rights.
    I pray for all my Starr-Goforth family and to continue on in faith and love to miracles to begin this season and the next season after that.
    Violet Starr-Goforth

  7. yes he is a real man of GOD, whwn are you coming to St.Lucia we need you in our sweet bcause needs prayers for crime,shootings,raping,the country st.Lucia is not in a good condition at all owing lots of debts,evil stuff etc my God pls deliver my country & people in s.lucia. My daughter stephanie could of read,write & spell very well all of a sudden from the time she reach in grade 3 its a problem
    to read,write & spell prophet Alph Lukau please help us.

  8. I need u prayer please help me i cant 2 explain about my becuse i have manythngs that i dntknw wat it is i liv limpopo tzaneen

  9. Man of God i m wacthing u everyday in utub i m desparate to meet u please pray for me i need so much God wisdom power anoiting and wealth for God glory

  10. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau, I humble ask you to stand in agreement for my own Church. I have been a ordain minister since 7-04-2018′ It was prophesied to me that I would work in creative miracles. My service to God is everything to me. I believe God is amounting me with power to free people, in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Dear God of pastor Alph Lukau .l am asking You to change my story.To make my enemies see your power upon my life.That from nobody,to somebody.people who were laughing at me ,mocking me.to come and embrace me.Lord l am asking for a breakthrough over my bussiness l want to open.l am asking God to take control of everything.lord l am asking You to bless my children and protect us against evil spirit that are attacking us and all evil alters ,send your fire and destroy them

  11. Hi pastor I’m watching your live yesterday and I know God will change my story because his a God yesterday, today, and tomorrow please pray for my family pls never miss your livestream watching from Melbourne Australia

  12. your name is Pastor Alph Lukau. I believe you can give me a revelation of God. 52 not married. I am talking to a woman, but something keep making her runing away. I watch how you chose a woman for that man who had the same problem. Amen

  13. Thank you for your commitment to save Saul’s from the captivity of the devil. It is a great opportunity for me to move closer to Christ my saviour.

    • Man frm God pls pray for me for a breakthoughth in my family and financial breakthought and depth cancelation in Jesus mighty Name

  14. baba l believe in Jesus name Amen. Father pray for my sister who is in Cairo, she is sick all the time no job no every thing pastor help her please man of God you are my baba

  15. Hi Man of God, I’m glad to learn and watch your
    Ministry through Utube a month a go.
    I’m from Kenya but I’m a resident in China
    Kindly remember me in prayer for I desire to
    Sever God. I desire to be used of God, I need
    More of the double anointing that God has given you
    2- pray for my wife to change and transform, she’s
    Chinese and also pray for my daughter also.
    3- pray for my finances and my Job for I’m a very
    Faithful giver and tither . Man of God your a blessings
    And I love you with Alleluia ministries international!

  16. A very good evening to you Pastor Alph Lukau. I am Melea Waqa. I am a Primary School Teacher here in Fiji. I am married and have 2 beautiful children. My husband is a hotel worker who is also working here in Fiji. I have been watching through the You Tube about you preaching the Good News and also getting some updates through my Facebook account. I have a prayer request in regards to my family. My husband has left us on the month of June without any reasons. He cheated on me with so many girls that comes for a holiday to their hotel in Fiji and have an affair with them. He has been doing it since we got married on the 5th of December, 2014 until now without my knowledge. He hides everything from me and his family knew all the things that has been happening without telling or informing me for what my husband has been doing. Their family are planning for him to apply for a divorce and get married to a German girl whom he is currently staying with him at the hotel where he is working right now. I have their parents and they told me that they want their son to marry a girl who loves him and could them the money to support him and his family. I know it is the work of the devil to them. They hated me and my two children. I really you Pastor Alph Lukau if you could pray for him because I knew it was the work of the devil to get rid of himself from us. I have been praying and fasting about our marriage and came through this bible verse on Malachi 2: 14-16. I knew that God hated divorce. I also request if you could pray for my family, my father who is sick in bed at the moment and our house. Thank You.

  17. Man of God, please I need your prayers,I am single mother of 2 kids my husband passed away, I dry to do business, I sell some clothes, the people take my clothes but didn’t pay me,please pray for me I leave at Lesotho, I want to take care of my kids pray for me papa

  18. To Pastor Alph ,man of God I need financial breakthrough and my depths to be cancelled, I’m currently employed and studying at Unisa ,I need strength and distinctions Amen!!

    • Pastor please pray for one of my relatives admit in one of the hospital in Fiji.Lautoka hospital his name is Timoci Bebe he can’t eat or take any food he just drink milk.His elders son died last month and I need your hilling prayer Pastor..


  20. Man of God i alwsys wacthing u through utube please pray for me i need so much breakthrough in everything and i need a healthy body me and my Family.i love u prophet of God

  21. Dear pastor the servant of lord am ask you to prayer for me over financial am stack so i need your prayer in Jesus name

  22. Pray for clarity in what God wants me to do in this season and where He wants me to be in order to move to my next level. And for a breakthrough in my health and finances, and for my predestined husband to come forth in Jesus’ name.

  23. A very good morning to you once again Pastor Alph Lukau…I kindly request if you could pray for me…I need financial breakthrough to buy a house for my family…Thank you

  24. God ineed your favour and financial breakthrough,God deliver me from sicknesses and help me to have faith only on you.My plea is very urgent,I urgently need a job please God make a way.

  25. Hello man of god I am request prayer for my business prayer for my Christian life I need a closer connection with Jesus Christ our lord and savior I am married but separated with intentions to divorce.

  26. Thank you Father Lord for answering me, my pray request. Lord let all the places l have submitted contracts quotations ,let me receive favor on them and let every panel and committee role in my favor AMEN.

    • Greetings Man of God. Pray for me for financial breakthrough and marriage, i have been living a life of debt and i have never achieved anything good in life even if i try so hard. i would like for God to bless me with a house. thank you Man Of God.

  27. pastoralph lukau man of God I have been dating for 1year .and I saw how you how you showed that woman a Husband. tell me man of God is this man am dating mine? please man of God prophesy to me.

  28. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau
    Please pray for me I want the fruit of the womb,free me from the spiritual husband that’s tormenting me, I need financial breakthrough and peace of mind too in my life.
    Thank you man of God in advance.

  29. My name is Manju mangtani pls pray for my government job iam not getting confirmation from government I’m not getting salary let government release my salary which is due from June 2015in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen

  30. Man of god pastor Alph Lukau I use to watch you through YouTube and I believe in you and your prophecy. Please pray for my breakthrough. I m stuck for many years not getting a job. I believe if you pray for me all will be well for me in Jesus might name amen

  31. Man of god pastor Alph Lukau please pray for me my Debts be cleared ,got Financial Break through ,asking for the house of my own and live with my kids and do for them everything they at schools,I have short temper my life partner is drinking alcohol everyday please pay him to change and pray for me for a new car .in the name of Jesus mighty name Amen.

    • Dear man of god .thank you tru you and u wife we can hold on in trusting that our god care.by sending u.be blessed.my prayer request is to please alocate me spiritual now.and deliver me, free my husbend from kidney & heart failure dyalise) just one baby iam seeking for..i have to witness the goodness of our lord .amen

  32. Thank you man of God for allowing God to use you mightily, I pray for a closer walk with God that He may be Glorified. I also ask that you pray with me that the hands of the devil be loosed off of my finances, witchcraft,& health, and what so ever God reveals to you. IJN

  33. Mon pasteur Alph ‘ j’ai besoin des prières de délivrance et de restauration’ ainsi que des guérison, j’ai les difficultés à marcher et des maladies , et prie Votre Dieu m’aide à guérir’ un JN’ amen

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