The Shocking Story About My Daughter’s Marriage – Pastor Adeboye

Some years ago, one of my daughters started having problems with her marriage, and she asked me to counsel her. I discovered that she was getting carried away by her academic achievements, because she had bagged a PhD like her husband.

So, I told her to be submissive to her husband if she really wanted to have a home.
This suggestion was so ridiculous to her that she reminded me that she had a PhD like her husband! I said to her, “No problem, since your PhD can solve your marital challenges, go ahead and apply its philosophical principles to build yourself a happy home.” She got the message and began to yield to her husband. Before long, peace, joy and progress returned to her home.


My prayer for someone reading this devotional today is that your troubled home will receive peace and unspeakable joy in Jesus’ Name.

Be wise and invite Jesus Christ into your home today, and you will be glad you did.

Father, give me Your wisdom to build my home according to Your pattern, in Jesus Name.
-Pastor E.A Adeboye