SUNDAY Prophecy , Live Service and Prayer For Blessings With Pastor Alph Lukau – December 16th 2018

SUNDAY Prophecy , Live Service and Prayer For Blessings With Pastor Alph Lukau – December 16th 2018

Prayer Points

1. Oh Lord deliver me from profitless labour and confused activities in Jesus name.


2. From now on all my investments and labour since the beginning of my career and ministry will begin to yield their full profit in Jesus name.

3. I shall not waste my seed. I will be divinely guided to plant my seed on fertile soil in Jesus name.

4. Oh Lord, baptize me with the generous spirit of a cheerful giver who gives out of love and not out of compulsion.

5. Whosoever looks up to me for help this year will not be disappointed. I shall have enough to satisfy my needs and plenty to give to others in need in Jesus name.

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The scripture talks about how God has written every day of our life in His book. When we go through things we don’t understand, things that aren’t fair, it’s easy to get stuck on that page and think that’s the way it’s always going to be.

Can I encourage you? That’s just one chapter; that’s not your whole book. You have to turn the page. If you’ll keep moving forward, being your best in spite of what didn’t work out, in spite of what wasn’t fair, in spite of who did you wrong, then you’ll come into another chapter: a chapter that has a surge already lined up, a sudden increase of God’s favor.


  1. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet,thank you Man of God for encouraging and praying for me and for my family till today,Man of GOD please please pray for me i am facing a very difficult situation which i cannot solve myself,i need financial breakthrough ,In Jesus name i receive i am Gods favour, Lord change my life locate me today today in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

  2. Man of God i seriously need your help and prayers,my life is a mess nothing is working!i am in deep debts ,i don’t know how I will recover?Lord Jesus locate my bills,I am excepted at varsity next year but I don’t have money for registration!Man of God please pray for me to get someone to help me to settle my bills!Amen

  3. Papa pray for me,i need 2 come there 2 your church in south Àfrica,am with a baby who is 1 year,am told 2 travel with a baby i need his birth certificat,which i dont have right now its with father,pray for me not 2 have difficulties as i go 2 get it tomorrow,i must find it tomorrow,please pray for me.

  4. Amen Amen & Amen. Oh Lord align me to get it until the destination you prepare for me. I receive the prayer into my being in the mighty name of Jesus. Blessed Man of God.

  5. Father im here before you. Im soo empty. Lord i pray that you remember me and my family. Lord i have went through a taugh devorce but You have been there. I lost all,but You have been there. You gave me strength to conquer but Lord now i pray for prosperity Father soo that i can recover what i have lost. I dnt need a lot of money but money to satisfy my needs and those that need my help. Bless my had Lord in Jesus name. Lord if you are not blessing me, my enemies will laugh at me and they will think my God is dead, but if You open doors of blessings for me they will know that You are alive. Please remember me Father in Jesus name Amen…

  6. Lord i need your help in my life. My life its having to much problem when i try to do things something just happen i sold my first cars but it keeps on gerating tickers and my second care its stop working my house is not getting finished since i started renovation in two years ago nothing is helping i pray everyday thay God should help me and the year is finishing but nothing is happening Lord i need your help and my relationship is just dead ‘

  7. Father I pray that this December I’m not going to disappoint my family coz I don’t have much in my hands. I’m praying for my breakthrough in financial today.i pray that at work they will increase my daughter to find job I pray in Jesus name amen

  8. Amen,I RECIEVE in Jesus Name with all my children. Pastor please intercede for me to obtain my favour that. Firstly my daughter selin should have a job. Secondly my son Niles should quit drinking and come to Jesus. Thirdly, increase our family business. I ask this in Jesus Name.

  9. Amen pastor Alph lukau we have to keep turning the pages in Jesus name an keep moving ansgaring an giving to see our blessing that already prepare for us thank u pastor to remind us in Jesus name.

  10. Man of God, pray for me for financial break through, healing, miracle money, promotion at work, debts cancellation, Gods favour, restoration and I want to be rich, enough is enough wallowing in poverty.

  11. Thank you God, my Spiritual father I greet you, me and family receive all the miracle and connect with faith in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooooo

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