FIRST Prophecy Of The MONTH … By Pastor Alph Lukau — (December 1st 2018)

FIRST Prophecy Of The MONTH … By Pastor Alph Lukau — (December 1st 2018)

Don’t get upset with the people that do you wrong, betray you, leave you out. God uses people to push you to where you’re supposed to be. Without them, you couldn’t fulfill your destiny. People may think they’re pushing you down, but what they don’t realize is they’re pushing you up. Judas thought when he betrayed Jesus that he was stopping Him, the truth is God ordained the betrayal.

Have you ever felt broken, like all the pieces of your life have shattered on the floor, and no one cares enough to stop for you even for just one second? While the pain of a broken heart is intense, there is still good news. When you feel like this, you can rest assured that God sees you. Just as Jesus stopped for those who were broken and hurting while He walked on Earth, He is still in the business of healing broken hearts today… And He’s really good at it.


God has a plan for you. You have a purpose for being here on this earth, at this time, in this place. Know that He is working all things together for your good and that His plans for you are to prosper you and give you a bright future. Your aim is to cause your soul to work in harmony with your spirit. By doing so, you will open the floodgates of the power of the Holy Spirit within you.

** A Note to Self **

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.


  1. I want to register for the event of lying hand and anointing schedule 29th-30th December and I need healing from HIV and breakthrough in every areas of my life.

  2. Glory to God hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah thank you Lord I received these words in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen amen amen

  3. Amen…thanks man of God for locating me yesterday I believe that God will use you to deliver me fully from all what have been going through…as you pray remember my marriage. .our family healing and financial breakthrough…stay blessed papa truly the God of prophet Alph Lukau lives

  4. Paapaa I thank lord that you save and I’m giving my thank from this I was addict t alcohol and gambling but when I join AMI ministiry those spiritual its gone thank father I’m only left with smoking and credit addicted father inter faer in i to get rescued from it Paapaa in Jesus name I decrease and declared amen

  5. My prayer is that, from this 1st of December, everything in my life shall be POSITIVE till the end of my life in Jesus name, Amen.

  6. Amen man of God for your encouraging message, it’s helping me so much.your words are building me up,I can see different to me. I’m praying that God will always bless your Daddy. We’re blessed to have you in our life’s.

  7. Thank you Jesus Thank you Prophet,i receive it in Jesus name Amen, Yes Lord your plans are better than my plan,I will rest and assured only unto to you oh Lord,I put my confidence in you oh Lord, To not pass me by this month oh Lord you know me in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen Amen

  8. As we start this last month of the year 2018, I pray that I receive perfect healing before the crossover to 2019. I have sinned grievously this year and I pray that Man of God, Prophet Alpha Lukau may pray for my perfect healing and for me to be AMI disciple in Sierra Leone. I have opted for a trip to Johannesburg in February 2019. I ask that you pray for me to enable me attend that training so that I could be chanced to visit the AMI sanctuary in Johannesburg. In Jesus’ precious name. AMEN.

  9. Thank you pastor. You have really talked about me in this passage and from now and onwards i will be positive in everything that you have mentioned. Please pray for me to recieve a healing in my womb to bear a twin children and i know and believe that 2019 i will have a twin chidren despite my irregular periods. Thank you in Jesus miraculous name.

  10. Jesus is Lord. From day henceforth I shall have a positive mind and thoughts, I shall prosper, l shall testify to the glory of God.I start this this month with blessings from God through my spiritual father Alph lukao🙏🏾

    • Papa please pray for me and family , every day u made my day u have bring peace yo my life you are such a humble sevant Please pray for my son Paul he dionose with asthma than you lord 🙏

  11. I receive in Jesus name. My dear Prophet: Am praying to be part of IVP this year if God willing. Please pray for me.
    Thanks and blessed.
    Papua New Guinea
    South Pacific.

  12. Pastor Alph Lukau, since i started watching you on YouTube, have never stopped, Pray for me, am asking God to “Save Me From The Shame Of Defeat And The Shame Of Humiliation”. I pray that some day i will afford to come physically to AMI and get to meet you one-on-one. Maureen, Nairobi, Kenya.

  13. May the Almighty God bless you sir. Your a blessing to me and this generation. My prayer for you dear Papa, is that May the Almighty God keep you from falling and to preserve you in His Grace till Our Lord Jesus Christ come. In Jesus mighty name Amen. Happy New Month sir.

  14. Amen Lord help me to be positive.will you please pray for my eyes i need God heal my eyes it was blare i could not see properlly,espicially my left eye.

  15. Man of God remember me and my family in prayers,spirit of stagnation is all over us and there is no progress in anything we do.We need breakthrough and Gods favor

  16. Lord help me to keep my words, action , thought, positive beginning this new month and onward. Lord help me I can’t do it of myself cause self is a complete failure but with you all things are possible in Jesus name amen.

  17. Please papa prya for me for financial breakthrough my life it’s a mess men of GOD I want God to show himself to me this December men of God please help me I love you papa may God continue using you papa

  18. Pastor pray for me as I am planning to make it to IVP this year for blessings from God for financial freedom, happiness and let him show me the right path. Amen

  19. Please pray for me Pastor, my children and husband. Seeking direction and guidance concerning financial situation.

  20. I have natural innovation new technology project my Country Ethiopia South region Hawassa Sidama zone.this project is it to been globalization was hierarchically structured system,in which the demand of the Africa and european World determined the economic wide.But starting this project research and start building from now 7 is not finishing stile now.cause is finance.Am now this time no job no income any thing but 15 family leader am and family life live in very problem.ok this is very heavy between in boys of pls God’s man pastor Alph Lukau,what shall better for my life? pls said me.

  21. pray for me Pastor l want nextyear to be all over the world am a musician..please man of God pray for us to hve many shows…we hv been to Netharlands and France..

  22. Amen my Prophet message is so encouraging this message is talking to me,I pray that God must make what he wants me to be in Jesus name Amen I also ask for prayers for Restoration my father

  23. I receive Pastor Alph Lukau. I truly believe (because the Word says) that so a man thinketh so is he – Death and life are in the power of the tongue. So I will Keep my thoughts, words, behavior, habits, and values positive because all these are the platform to my destiny. I will seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to me. I RECEIVE – It Is Finished in Jesus Name. Thank you Pastor Alph Lukau!

  24. Papa pray for me….I ran away from home bcz of people I am owing, my parents does not where I am. I am living a miserable life. I dn’t have job.

    I dn’t have food where I am hiding myself. Plz papa help me, all I am asking now is miracle money. I am dying here

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